Drag Specialties’ new pop-up vented gas cap

The area of any tank that takes the most abuse is around the gas cap. Now it’s easy to eliminate dings and scratches with a Drag Specialties’ new pop-up vented gas cap. These pop-up gas caps will update the look on any 2004-12 XL. Each one is built from quality billet aluminum, features a 2.36″ OD, and is available in either a chrome or black wrinkle finish. The fit is nearly flush when closed; the cap opens easily with just a quarter turn. $49.95. Info: Drag Specialties, DragSpecialties.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Schuberth Hi-Viz Orange C3 Helmet

The Hi-Viz Orange C3 from Schuberth North America is the German manufacturer’s award-winning helmet: the lightest, quietest, most aerodynamic flip-up motorcycle helmet on the market. The high-visibility orange is noted for its eye-catching brightness, making it popular with safety-oriented riders who like to stand out in traffic as much as possible. From $729. Info: Schuberth, Schuberth.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Eastwood Spot Weld Kit

The Eastwood Company has engineered a new Spot Weld Kit that produces professional spot welds using just a MIG welder. This first-of-its-kind kit combines spot weld pliers and a unique spot weld nozzle to help do-it-yourselfers produce full-penetration, OE-look, spot welds from one side of the repair panel. The spot weld pliers and spot weld nozzle ensure factory-correct spot welds that are functional, with full penetration on the back side of the weld. For MIG welders running on standard 110 volts, the kit includes HSS drill bits for drilling pilot holes in the top panel to achieve a strong, fully penetrated weld. Info: Eastwood Company, Eastwood.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

JIMS ForceFlow cylinder head cooler

JIMS introduces its new ForceFlow cylinder head cooler. It literally forces the heat away from your engine by pushing high-velocity air through the cylinder fin pack in a wide flow pattern directed at the head gasket surface. Powered by a cooling fan that was designed to cool brakes in NASCAR, the JIMS ForceFlow can lower head temperatures up to 100 F. The ForceFlow can either be activated by a thermostat (included) or wired for a manual on/off switch. This special design also relocates the horn inside the ForceFlow’s streamlined housing. From $420. Info: JIMS USA, 805/482-6913, JIMSUSA.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Precision Billet Products Brand-New Fleur Billet Air Cleaner

Precision Billet Products announces its brand-new Fleur billet air cleaner for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The aluminum Fleur air cleaner features a design never seen before in the performance motorcycle industry. This kit  includes a filter, backing plate, front plate, and all mounting hardware. The filter is available in chrome or hard anodized, contrast-cut finish. $399. Info: Precision Billet Products, 480/813-1833, www.PrecisionBillet.com.

Sharplines Products night and daytime 35-watt driving lights

Pierce through the night and daytime traffic with 35-watt driving lights ($269.95) from Sharplines Products. The halogen lights clamp on most fork tubes. Three-way adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, the cleverly designed mounts lock to form a solid and sealed unit. Lights are available in classic chrome,
tri-bar chrome, and classic black. Info: Sharplines Products, www.SharplinesProducts.com.

Wire Plus lighting control and auto cancel modules

Wire Plus sells its power control, lighting control, and auto cancel modules separately or as part of a complete kit and can be plugged right into the existing harness with no hassle. The power module is submersible, waterproof, and compact, with a harness that is engineered to be smaller than any other on the market. The lighting control module controls the operation of the front and rear turn signals, and provides load equalization and auto cancelling. It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hookup. Info: Wire-Plus, 620/221-2417,

Custom Cycle Control Systems Simplified Air Suspension

Custom Cycle Control Systems has reduced the price of its Simplified Air Suspension (SAS) by 15 percent at both the dealer and consumer level. MSRP is now $1,395. The SAS is easy to install and comes complete with mounting instructions. All you have to do is replace your old shocks with a new SAS unit and wire an On/Off switch directly to the battery. Raise and lower your rear end at the touch of a button. Add air pressure to improve ride quality during changing road conditions or while hauling added weight. Info: Custom Cycle Controls, 866/438-2129, www.CustomCycleControls.com.

New air cleaner for your Harley-Davidson

Russ Wernimont Designs (RWD) has a stylish new air cleaner for your Harley-Davidson. The Double Shot air filter system features a molded backing plate that improves air flow. The smooth, cast aluminum cover wraps in at the rear fender so you’ll be as comfortable as possible. The RWD air cleaner uses the stock vent system on your H-D so there aren’t any modifications that are necessary for installation. The Double Shot air filter system ($292.95) is made in the US and includes a K&N air filter and all necessary mounting hardware. Info: Russ Wernimont Designs, www.DragSpecialties.com.

The new Harley Screamin’ Eagle hydraulic cam chain

The new Screamin’ Eagle hydraulic cam chain tensioner and high-flow oil pump upgrade kit (#25284-11/$499.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories updates the cam chain tensioner of a Twin Cam 88 engine to the latest hydraulic design features on Twin Cam 96 and 103 engines. The hydraulic cam chain tensioner is significantly more durable than the original spring-loaded tensioner, and is an ideal addition to an engine modified for improved performance. Info: Harley-Davidson, www.Harley-Davidson.com.