H-D Air-Adjust Zeppelin Seats

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Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories has developed a range of accessory seats for various models. The Road Zeppelin air-adjustable seat features new air-bladder technology that lies under the cover,distributing rider and passenger weight across the seating surface, thus eliminating pressure points and cushioning tailbones. The air bladder pressure can be adjusted with easy-to-reach hand pumps and air-release valves. The seating surface, made from a combination of smooth vinyl and water-resistant textured fabric, allows air to circulate beneath the body. This, in turn, reduces the air temperature between the rider and seat. The Road Zeppelin delivers optimal shock absorption and long-haul comfort without sacrificing a low-slung look. The Road Zeppelin is available for select Touring, Sportster, Dyna, and Softail models. From $549.95. Info: Harley-Davidson, H-D.com.

Corbin introduces its new Dual Tour saddle for Harley’s Blackline

Corbin introduces its new Dual Tour saddle for Harley’s 2011-12 Softail Blackline. Designed to give Blackline riders the next level of comfort, this saddle features genuine leather and ergonomically designed seating for maximum weight dispersion. Each seating area is sculpted for proper weight distribution that allows long-range capability. Generously contoured platforms eliminate hot spots and centralized pressure that cause discomfort. Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam material gives firm support that conforms to your body. And as an added bit of luxury, the Dual Tour offers the option of electric seat heaters for those chilly morning rides and removable backrests in both front and rear. $593. Info: Corbin, 800/538-7035, Corbin.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Harley-Davidson Zeppelin Motorcycle Seat Review

Harley-Davidson Zeppelin Motorcycle Seat

I must have extra nerves in my &$$! No matter what seat I try, after riding for about an hour or so, my butt is killing me and I’m looking for some relief! Thankfully, I found it when I borrowed a friend’s Electra Glide, which was fitted with H-D’s Zeppelin seat. The Zeppelin has several strategically placed air bladders, which allow you, at the touch of a button, to redistribute your weight once you start feeling uncomfortable. It’s hard to believe that inflating one set of bladders and releasing some air from others can make such a difference. And yet I’ve been able to extend my saddle time by several hours without any discomfort. When pain starts to set in, I just readjust the seat and I’m good to go.

Installation takes about 15 minutes. Just swap the rear mounting bracket from the old seat to the new, plug in the bike’s accessory plug, and install the Zeppelin just like the stocker. When you first turn on the ignition switch, you’ll hear the air compressor (enclosed in the seat) filling the reservoir. Once that’s done, the pump shuts down and you’re free to adjust as needed.

As for riders shorter than 5’10”, you’ll be on your tiptoes when stopped, so let the air out when around town. AIM
–Fred Maida – as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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