2017 American Flat Track – Georgia Short Track

The Flat Track circuit heads to Georgia this weekend, March 25, for the follow-up to the historic races at the Daytona TT. The race is being held at the Dixie Speedway, in Woodstock, GA. Jared Mees (No. 9 Indian Motorcycle Rogers Racing Scout FTR750) looks to maintain momentum, building on his success after taking the top position in Daytona. He’ll be facing off against rival Bryan Smith (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle Racing backed by Allstate Scout FTR750), who placed second in Daytona and hopes to chip away at the five-point lead Mees has built. The H-D factory team, headed up by Jake Johnson, Kenny Coolbeth Jr., and Brandon Robinson, will be looking to rebound. Johnson finished highest of the team in Daytona, placing fifth.


Ain’t it fun having these two motorcycle titans competing against one another again?

Indian Wrecking Crew Jared Mees Interview/Daytona TT Preview

In two days, the flames of an over 100-year-old rivalry will be stoked once again as Indian Motorcycle Co and Harley-Davidson square off at the Daytona TT. Ever since Indian announced its return to flat track racing, a palpable buzz has surrounded the 2017 American Flat Track season. Eyebrows raised even more when Indian’s FTR750 made a strong showing in its initial outing at the Santa Rosa Mile as the bike proved competitive right out of the gate. Indian wasted no time showing it meant business when it resurrected its Wrecking Crew and enlisted the services of three of the fastest, baddest flat trackers around for the new team. Among them was four-time Grand National Champion and 2016 X Games Gold Medalist Jared Mees who not only will race for the team but has been instrumental in developing the FTR750 as a test rider.

We had a chance to chat with Mees ahead of Thursday’s race in Daytona to talk about his new team and motorcycle.

After breaking a collarbone during testing during the off-season, an injury that prevented him from competing in MotoGP champion Marc Marquez’s Superprestigio event, we asked Mees if he’s full strength heading into the season. He reassured us he’s healed up completely and even traveled to Australia back in January to compete in the Troy Bayliss Classic where he picked up the win.

“I am fully healthy. I feel like I am prepared as best as I can be, probably better than ever. I spent a lot of the winter here in Florida and did a lot of motocross training and a lot of training on the bicycle and made sure I was fit because the ol’ Indian FTR’s got a lot of power.”

Indian Wrecking Crew rider Jared Mees

Indian Wrecking Crew rider Jared Mees, a 4X Grand National Champion, is eager to write the next chapter in Indian Motorcycle Racing history. 

After winning several titles on Harley’s XR750, we were curious why Mees rolled the dice and signed on with Indian.

“I actually kind of rolled the dice early. I actually gave my contract up in 2016 to be a test rider for the Indian Motorcycle Company. I guess what it came down to is I see a lot of drive and a lot of strength from the Indian Motorcycle guys and started talking to them back in January and February of 2016. During Florida basically this time a year ago, I spoke with Reid, and speaking to Reid one-on-one and hearing how ambitious they were about coming back to flat track and how they wanted to win, to hear their drive was huge. So right after Florida I flew up and hung out with those guys and spoke to them a little more in-depth and put together a program for me to be a test rider. I saw a lot of strength on the Indian side to become a part of their program and become a part of their family.

“I’m very happy with the decision I made because I was able to get a lot of time on the motorcycle and really see if it was and is going to be a player. And I’ll be honest with you. At my point and time in my career, being 30-years-old and launching championships back-to-back, I wasn’t really looking to be in a position to where I couldn’t go to the race track and win. Being able to go out there and test the waters in 2016 and then when it came time to go OK, we want you to be one of the racers do you want to be one it was like heck yeah let’s get it done and over with, where do I sign. The way it played out and the way it went last year for me was like picture perfect and it was an honor to be the test rider for it.”

Indian Scout FTR750

The Indian Scout FTR750 seems to be a formidable track weapon right out of the gate. We’ll find out Thursday at the American Flat Track opener at the Daytona TT. 

When asked about the new schedule for this year, with new tracks, more TTs, and the switch to Twins for the GNC1 class for all races, Mees said he’s excited about how well-balanced the schedule is and how being such a strong rider on Twins should work in his favor. On that note, we were curious about how the FTR750 would fare on a TT.

“Nobody knew really what to expect with jumping them but when I first tested it I was pretty blown away by how good the motorcycle jumps. I got a great suspension guy and a great package so they definitely built the suspension according to the jumps and weight of the motorcycle.

“I feel like we can go back and test for another three or four weeks and probably gain some more but the thing is everybody’s in the same boat. It’s a new project, it’s a new forum of the Twins racing on the TTs, I feel like the Indian motorcycle is ahead of the game compared to most and we’re going to be prepared right.

“Everything else you pretty much check off the list is positive. It handles great, it seems to be very fast, accelerates good and if it’s too fast we have exhaust systems and maps and things like that, the motorcycle’s so tunable we can do whatever we want with it.

“The Indian’s very narrow or narrow feeling compared to what I’ve always run in the past. I feel like it’s going to be a pretty strong motorcycle everywhere. We’ll see come Thursday at the Daytona TT what’s the best package out there is but I’m pretty confident I’m on the best package.”

American Iron will be at the race Thursday night so be sure to check out our Facebook page for posts and updates. Until then, we leave you with Mees’ closing statement.

“I’ll be heavily surprised if one of the Indian’s doesn’t win the championship this year. I’m pretty pumped and excited. I feel like one of us three will be the champion for sure. Of course, more than anything, I hope it’s me.”

Game on!

Bobby Hill, Jared Mees, and Bill Tuman Indian Wrecking Crew members

Mees was stoked to meet original Indian Wrecking Crew members Bobby Hill (L) and Bill Tuman (R) at the unveiling of the FTR750 last summer in Sturgis.

Indian Motorcycle Announces Scout FTR750 Flat Tracker Available for Purchase

Indian announced its FTR750 is available for purchase.

Indian’s Premier 750cc V-Twin Flat Track Race Bike Available for $50,000

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its premier flat track race bike, the Scout FTR750, is available for purchase for $50,000. This is the same bike currently being run by Indian’s new “Wrecking Crew” in the American Flat Track series.

A purpose-built, high-performance 750cc V-Twin engine powers the Scout FTR750. It features a unique, ultra-light steel frame, large centrally located airbox and sleek lightweight carbon fiber body. Indian’s design and engineering teams approached the bike as the ultimate combination of advanced performance technology and design elements from Indian’s legendary racing models of the past.

“Since its debut, feedback on the Scout FTR750 has been overwhelmingly positive, with unbelievable interest and demand for the bike,” said Gary Gray, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle. “The bike’s availability to all race teams will help further establish Indian Motorcycle’s presence in American flat track racing.”

The Scout FTR750 made its official debut during the 2016 season finale, when AMA flat track racing legend Joe Kopp raced it at the Santa Rosa Mile. For 2017, Indian Motorcycle Racing, backed by Allstate, comprises three of the most successful and decorated flat track riders in the sport, including 2016 Grand National Champion Bryan Smith, 2013 Grand National Champion Brad Baker, and three-time Grand National Champion Jared Mees. All three will be running the Scout FTR750 this season.

For purchasing information on the Scout FTR750 race bike, stop by an Indian Motorcycle dealer. To find the nearest location, visit IndianMotorcycle.com.

Indian Flat Track Legends Help Launch Scout FTR750 in Sturgis

Indian Wrecking Crew members Bobby Hill and Bill Tuman Sturgis 2016

Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew Living Legends, Bobby Hill and Bill Tuman on-hand in Sturgis to celebrate historic return to professional racing

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, unleashed its all-new Indian Scout FTR750 flat track race bike in a place synonymous with the brand – the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The event is the latest milestone in the historic return to professional flat track racing for the brand, while the Scout FTR750 represents Indian Motorcycle’s bid for a strong return to AMA flat track racing.

The Indian Scout FTR750 was revealed at the “Motorcycles as Art” industry event that took place at the famed Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. Special guests on-hand were the two surviving members of the legendary Indian Wrecking Crew, Bobby Hill and Bill Tuman, both of whom are AMA Hall of Fame members. The third member of the Wrecking Crew, Ernie Beckman, passed away in 1999. The motorcycle featured the #51 of Bill Tuman, as a tribute to the last rider to win a Grand National Championship on an Indian in 1953.

“A heritage of racing and winning is in the lifeblood of this brand, and everyone in attendance was clearly proud to be a part of this important moment in the historic return of Indian Motorcycle to professional flat track racing,” said President of Motorcycles Steve Menneto. “We have an incredible team of engineers and designers working on this initiative, and all of us are deeply committed to building a world-class racing program that will live up to our legendary history on the track.”

Indian Scout 750 flat track motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle Co. is proud to be returning to its racing roots and is eager to compete in the 2017 AMA Pro Flat Track season with its new Scout 750.

The all-new Indian Scout FTR750 features a high-revving, racing V-Twin engine developed in-house and is wrapped in a unique steel frame that allows for a tight wheelbase, large centrally located airbox and unique lightweight carbon fiber body. The design of the race-only bike reflects the heritage of key Indian racing models from history including the Big Base Scout; a historic bike that won in Daytona, dominated events across the country and is still raced in Vintage competition today.

Indian Scout FTR750 flat track motorcycle

Compact, light and powerful, the Indian FTR750 has all the requisite characteristics to be competitive right from the get-go.

More information on the race only Indian Scout FTR750will be made in the future. The motorcycle was displayed in the AMA Paddock at the Black Hills Speedway during the fans walk, and was shown in the Indian Motorcycle factory display on Lazelle Street through the rally week.

The Scout FTR750's V-Twin is encased in a steel frame.

The Scout FTR750’s V-Twin is encased in a steel frame.

Learn more about Indian Motorcycle by visiting IndianMotorcycle.com and its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

Indian Scout FTR750

Indian Motorcycle Co. debuted its new flat track weapon, the Scout FTR750, at the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.