Keino MAG KILLER Switch

The MAG KILLER, a spring-loaded aluminum kill switch for the magneto, replaces the feeler gauge kill switch. The MAG KILLER comes with nylon washers and a stainless stud screw with a brass option in the works. $45. Info: Keino Cycles, 718/858-5767, KeinoCycles. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it […]

Keino Cycles Custom Harley Motorcycle, Blazing Saddle

Sure, he’s got a last name (Sasaki). So does Madonna. And Bono. And Sting. And Cher. (Well, maybe not her). But who cares? If you’re reading this magazine and the name Keino doesn’t ring-a-ding-ding in your skull, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this magazine. Mr. Sasaki. No, that’s not right. Keino is known as […]