EAR INC. IPLUGZ, Ear Plug And Mini-Speaker Setup

Years ago, just before I fired up the bike for a long trip, I would play my favorite song on the stereo. This helped me play the song back in my mind during the ride. Back then, I also used to ride for hours on the highway without any ear protection. Of course, the first habit is no longer needed, and the second is just plain stupid. To take care of both needs I’ve been using one of EAR Inc.’s plugs or in-ear monitors. My newest set is EAR’s iPlugz sports monitors, which allow me to listen to an MP3 player, Apple iPod, or a satellite radio system while riding. Since I almost never ride with a windshield or fairing, I put a MP3 player in the left lower pocket of my riding jacket and run the wire under the jacket and up to my ears. This way I can easily and safely work the buttons on the player while listening on the highway or turn the unit off when getting ready to take an exit ramp.

The iPlugz Sports Monitor, which features a 4′-long wire with a standard 3.5mm gold-plated stereo jack, is offered in three different styles: custom-fit ($225), generic flanged fit ($150), and generic canal fit ($150). Each option will block out high ambient noise, but the custom-fit units are more comfortable and provide better outside and wind noise reduction, which is why I went through the extra effort to get this one.

I upgraded to the the iPlugz system because it can handle more bass and treble than my previous set. In fact, the sound quality is so much better that I easily notice the improvement even with tinnitus! AIM

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