GaugeFace Motorcycle App Digital Data Gauge

Some accessories we bolt on our bikes are pure form with little function. However, here’s a device that allows you to maximize the potential of the cellphone you would normally keep in your pocket while riding. The GaugeFace Data gauge ($250 Canadian) allows you to use your iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) or iPod touch (third and fourth gen) to interface with your bike’s Delphi ECM and display important data on the cradle-mounted smartphone. Some of the readouts available to the rider include speedometer, tachometer, engine temp, gear indicator, turn signal, compass, battery voltage, and, my personal favorite for stoplight to stoplight blasts, a programmable shift light.

The kit consists of the proper ECM wire harness adapter and a long pigtail, which can be routed to the cockpit area. A word of caution here: don’t route the cables near high-
voltage devices like the ignition coil or spark plug wires to avoid possible electrical interference. The GaugeFace device charges your iPod/iPhone while it’s connected and the engine is running. The free iTunes application offers several face designs to choose from. Another valuable benefit is the ability to access your bike’s diagnostic trouble codes. For the do-it-yourselfer, the GaugeFace can be an invaluable tool in properly diagnosing problems and fixing your bike.

I used a popular RAM mount, which clamps to the handlebar with U-bolts and has two pivot joints so I can set the viewing angle as needed. The cradle holds my iPhone 4 securely, and the entire RAM mount with cradle retails for $40.24. Of course, cradle prices vary by application. AIM


Logicopolis Technology Inc.
4938 Haliburton Pl., Dept. AIM
Victoria, BC, Canada V8Y 2Z8

RAM Mount
8410 Dallas Ave. South, Dept. AIM
Seattle, WA 98108

Story as published in the January 2012 issue of American Iron Magazine.