Sumax Hard Bags And Brackets For 2004 And Newer Sportster

Sumax now offers hard bags and brackets for all 2004 and newer Sportster models. Sumax powdercoated high-gloss black brackets featuring quick, quarter-turn bag disconnects with fasteners like those on all H-D Touring models. Sumax bags are constructed from composite fiberglass making them strong and lightweight. The outside is finished with a gel-coat primer ready for paint. The inside is finished in a rich charcoal trunk liner. Lids open from back to front with lockable, push-button latches. Bags feature stainless steel hardware and hinges. Made in the US. Info: Sumax, 800/654-5546,

As published in the July issue of American Iron Magazine.

Motorcycle Bags: ROADGEAR Tailbag

A motorcycle bag that carries it all

The old saying “It’s in the bag” definitely applies to the ROADGEAR Jumbo Sport tailbag (#SL787/$99.90), at least for me. Though designed for sportbikes, I’ve been using a ROADGEAR tailbag on trips for years, be it to the next state or across the country, on bobbers, choppers, Dynas, Softails … you get the idea.

Since it’s large enough (11″W x 15.5″L x 10″H) to engulf a full helmet, the Jumbo gets to carry all my rain gear: gloves, clear glasses, pants (rolled up), and jacket (ditto). Maps (in a zip-lock plastic bag) go into the top expandable, zippered compartment. My disc lock, sun block, etc. go into the large, expandable, zippered rear (or front) pouch. There are two more expandable, zippered side pockets, but I rarely use them.

The whole shebang gets secured to the bike with four retractable bungee cords that are fitted with plastic hooks at the end. Once you find suitable places to hook them (not to moving parts please!), bag installation and removal is an under-a-minute affair. At the end of the day, just unhook it, tuck the bungees inside the paint-protective sheet on the bottom of the bag, and carry it by its handle.

The Jumbo, like many ROADGEAR bags, is constructed of DuPont 1000 denier Cordura Plus, which has endured lots of nasty weather conditions on my trips (get the optional rain cover) and is still in excellent shape. (No wonder it has a 10-year warranty.) Though I opted for all black, the
made-in-US Jumbo is available in an assortment of black, blue, red, silver, and yellow.
Sportbikes, remember? AIM
–Chris Maida

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