Carlisle Summer Bike Fest 7-23 to 7-25

Are you looking for a Motorcycle Rally that you can load up the RV and take your whole family to? Then the Carlisle Summer Bike Fest is for you. For three days you and your family can celebrate all things that are two wheeled. Children are welcome at the Carlisle Summer Bike Fest. Kids have their own demo rides, sponsored by Velocity Cycles. The promoters of Carlisle Summer Bike Fest know that the best way to ensure the long life of a motorcycle rally is to start the motorcyclist early. This is one of the few motorcycle rallies I would actually recommend children be taken to.

But Carlisle Summer Bike Fest is not just for kids! It offers all that is expected of a major motorcycle rally, with some other good activities thrown in. Want to test your ability at drag racing? Do so safely on a side by side dyno dragsled. Or try the Xtreme Wheelie Ride, the safe way to test your wheelie skills. Watch extreme motocross racing or partake in informative custom builder roundtables and seminars. And, as always, there are the vendors and live entertainment common to motorcycle rallies all over.

Motels and Camping Near Carlisle Summer Bike Fest

Typical Events at Carlisle Summer Bike Fest

A partial list of events is provided here, but I highly recommend going to the official website, listed below, to get a detailed listing as well as a schedule.

  • Bike shows, both ride in and invitational
  • Motorcycle giveaways
  • AMA sanctioned extreme motocross competition
  • Motorcycle seminars
  • Live music
  • Vendors – for about anything a biker would want

Official Website (for further information)

Motorcycle related laws to know while attending Carlisle Summer Bike Fest

One of the common complaints when returning from a major motorcycle rally is about the law being rampant, and giving tickets out for every minor infraction. While we cannot stop all tickets from being given, some of those tickets are due to you, the attendee, not being aware of some of the standard laws in the state. Below are some of the most common laws for Pennsylvania. Be aware, though, that many rally locations have recently passed local ordinances that may be more strict than the state law. For example, a new noise ordinance was passed in Myrtle Beach just in time for the 2005 Fall Rally. I make every effort to keep this information up to date, but you may want to research them more just prior to going to an event, just in case they have changed. From MC RALLY FINDER