Gatorz Motorcycle Glasses Review

Gatorz Radiators sunglasses offer eye protection with style.

The last time I wrote a review about my favorite style of Gatorz Eyewear, the Radiator, I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth. In that review I wrote “I’ve dropped them while trying to clean bugs off the lenses at 60 mph. When I went back to retrieve them, all that had happened to them was some road rash on the frames and lenses from skidding along the pavement. Thankfully, nobody ran them over!” Yeah, well that didn’t happen with my last set. I got back to them just in time to watch them get crushed under a tire. Man, I was pointing to where they were lying in the road, so the guy wouldn’t hit them, but he whacked ’em dead on as he stared at me with a dumb look on his face. Thanks tons!

Unless they get crushed, Gatorz has a repair plan in place that lets you send the glasses back for a complete overhaul for about $49.95, plus shipping. That nice little feature has saved me a hefty wad of cash. I’m not easy on my specs, but then again, I do rack up thousands of miles a year. And unless I do something stupid like try to clean bugs off them while still riding, those Radiators just stay put.

Though I prefer black on black, you can get billet-aluminum-framed Radiators ($159-$190) in 27 different lens colors and seven different frame colors.

Do you think he would have seen them if they had chrome frames? AIM
–Chris Maida

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