Next Trend In Custom Motorcycling

I just got back from the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, where an odd thing happened to me. As you’ll read in the article, American Iron was the sponsor of the Expo’s first-ever Ultimate Dealer Bike Show. The awards ceremony was held on the last day of the expo, and the audience consisted of many accomplished builders in our industry, as well as their co-workers, friends, and family. At one point, I was asked to go up on stage and talk about what I thought the next trend in custom motorcycling would be. Normally, I don’t have any trouble speaking about this since I’m always watching where things are going as I look for new bikes to feature. However, this time it felt all wrong. But the reason why didn’t hit me until later that night. Whenever I’ve spoken about this in the past, it was to people attending the show. This time I was speaking to the guys that built the bikes in the show! That’s a totally different gig. When I got the microphone, instead of telling them where I thought things were going, I should have been asking them. After all, these are the guys designing the bikes and doing the building. These are the guys deciding where the custom bike industry is headed. Want to see what’s the next trend in custom bikes? Just read AIM because I’ll be watching what the builders create and bringing the best of their work to you in the pages of American Iron Magazine.

Chris’ Travel Tips
In keeping with the theft protection theme of previous issues, here’s another one for when you’re staying at a hotel overnight. Back in the day, when I travelled on a narrow chopper, I always rented a ground-floor room in a cheap motel, so I could roll the bike right into the room. Back then, we didn’t have alarm systems on our bikes. Heck, we didn’t even have key switches, just a couple of toggle switches: one for ignition and one for lights. Nowadays, I doubt you’re going to be able to pull that one off with a modern stock H-D. The next best thing, of course, is to park the bike right outside your first-floor room’s window and set the alarm. Thankfully, I do see quite a few guys do this with their bikes. It’s not as secure as having the bike by your bed, but it does make it a lot easier to get around the room!

See you on the road.
Chris Maida