New Performance Machine Fork Brace for Dynas, Softails, Sportsters

New Performance Machine Fork Brace contrast cut

New Performance Machine Fork Brace – Contrast Cut

Performance Machine is excited to announce its introduction of Fork Braces to their ever-growing accessory lineup! PM Fork Braces are currently available for 39MM, 41MM and 49MM fork tube applications, and are designed to be modular for easy installation. Integrated dust covers and a split design allow for installation to be completed without removal of the fork legs. Constructed to be lightweight and available in multiple finishes these Fork Braces are a perfect match to any existing PM accessories currently found on your motorcycle.

• CNC-Machined from billet aluminum
• Mounting hardware included
• Fits various 1984 and up Dyna, Softail and Sportster applications
• Allows the use of factory front fenders
• Available in Chrome, Contrast Cut and Black Ops finishes

Retail $259.95

For more information on these Fork Braces and other premium Performance Machine products, visit

New Performance Machine Fork Brace chrome

New Performance Machine Fork Brace – Chrome

December 2: Coastal Moto’s Cyber Monday Blowout Sale

newcybermondayhomepageCoastal Moto will be hosting a cyber blowout sale of all its product lines on December 2. Coastal Moto offers its own line as well as Performance Machine (PM), Xtreme Machine, and Arlen Ness wheel and tire packages. Ready for same-day shipping, Coastal Moto has a 90 Day Layaway program and ship FREE to the entire US (Hawaii and Alaska included) and Canada. Most  packages are delivered with tires mounted, balanced, and assembled. Wheel and tire packages are available for Harley, M109R, and most sportbikes.

See what Coastal Moto has to offer ahead of time by clicking here.

New Performance Machine Fuel Caps

7-36-6-PerformancePerformance Machine has a complete line of fuel caps: the Merc, Array, Scallop, Grill, and Apex. Each cap, compatible with 1996 and up Harley-Davidson bikes, offers a distinct design and are CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. Available in chrome, contrast-cut, and Black Ops finishes, these caps can be screwed in for a high-end look for $69.95. Info: Performance Machine, 800/479-4037,

Performance Machine’s New Super Gas Merc Motorcycle Air Cleaner

PM-air-cleanerPerformance Machine’s new Super Gas Merc air cleaner cruises firmly into nostalgia territory, adding some hot rod flair to the styling of PM’s original Super Gas air cleaner. With clean lines and more curves than a pinup, this piece features ribbed concentric circles and the Performance Machine logo machined into the center. Equipped with a K&N air filter, the Merc offers optimal airflow and more horsepower than the stock alternative. This gorgeous air cleaner is CNC-machined from billet aluminum with built-in crank case breathers featuring chrome hardware and is available in chrome, contrast-cut, and the Black Ops finish. $419.95. Info:, 800/479-4037,

New Performance Machine’s headlights

New for 2012, Performance Machine’s headlights are head and shoulders above the competition, employing a diamond reflector lens over the latest in halogen technology to make your future shine bright. Available in five styles and three finishes, these headlights are the latest additions to the ever-expanding line of Performance Machine accessories. With looks ranging from sleek and industrial to stripped down and minimalist, there is a style for each and every personal aesthetic on the open road. Info: Performance Machine, 800/479-4037,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Problem Child, Custom 2002 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Have you ever known somebody who always seemed to be down on his luck, some-one who lives under a perpetual gray cloud? When I was in high school, we had a guy like that. If he didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. Fittingly, we nicknamed him Chief Gray Cloud. Another friend owned a car that might as well have had bull’s-eye targets painted on its hood, trunk, and doors. It was constantly picking up dings, dents, and scratches in the parking lot when it wasn’t ground zero for minor fender benders. We dubbed that cage Bumper Car, and it gave true meaning to the phrase joy ride.

Motorcycles are prone to the same demonic possession, too. Case in point is — or, hopefully, was — Jay Bartz’s 2002 Fat Boy. The demonic episodes began shortly after Jay, who calls Fridley, Minnesota, home, bought the bike new back in ’02. One night, after enjoying the camaraderie of his friends and fellow bikers at The Joint, one of the Twin Cities’ favorite biker hangouts, he concluded it was time to shove off and head for home. “I went out to the parking lot, and there were five other Fat Boys besides mine parked in a cluster,” recalls Jay. “They were all stock and looked the same, I didn’t know which one was mine.” A brief bout of playing musical keys narrowed the choices until he finally located the right bike. “That’s when I decided it was time to do a little customizing,” Jay said. The most obvious fix was to replace the big Boy’s iconic disc wheels with a set of custom rims, so that his FLSTF wouldn’t blend in with the other Fatties in the parking lot.

“I took the bike to a guy who had just opened a new shop in the area,” Jay said. His prices were right, so Jay elected to do more than just mount new custom wheels. They tore the Fat Boy down for a major rebuild and makeover. That’s when the demons returned. “The bike just sat in his shop with no progress being made,” Jay recalled. The easy part — disassembly — had been taken care of. The hard part — finishing the custom work — was yet to be tackled.

But that was only the beginning of Jay’s woes. “I went to the shop one day, and it was closed — for good. I had to call the cops to get my parts, and when I finally got them, about half were missing,” he said. Other casualties included a bad job of powdercoating to the engine cases. “It started flaking off,” laments Jay. The gray cloud just got grayer.

But, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and here’s where Jay’s story takes a turn for the better. “I took the bike to Donnie Smith’s,” Jay said. “Something I should have done in the first place.” Jay confesses that he’s always been a Donnie Smith fan, but he figured at the time that he couldn’t afford the seasoned builder’s prices. “I was wrong,” Jay continued. “The moment I walked into his shop, he treated me like I was a really special customer.”

So the exorcism of Jay’s Fat Boy began with Father Smith, in effect, splashing holy water on the bike. “They went right to work,” Jay said. “[Don]Tima [who works for Donnie Smith] and everyone started chroming parts that I would have never considered. They gave the bike a really
special look.”

Yet that powdercoated engine remained a major concern for Jay. But Donnie had a solution, and he knew just the shop to make it right. So, S&E in nearby St. Paul, got the call for fresh powdercoating. Donnie used the downtime to build up the engine’s internals, too. Head Quarters heads now sit atop Screamin’ Eagle 95″ cylinders, and a S&S Cycle gear-drive cam assembly was installed, along with S&S pushrods, rockers, and lifters. A Feuling high-performance oil pump found its way into the engine as well. Donnie’s crew crafted the swoopy exhaust system, and a conical D&M air cleaner fits onto the Mikuni 45mm slide carburetor. Additionally, the stock five-speed transmission was disassembled so that a set of BAKER’s smooth-shifting cogs could be inserted.

Those various parts that Tima and the crew had earmarked for chroming were sent to Pat Obinger’s shop in Blaine, Minnesota, and Mike Bailey in nearby Coon Rapids got the call to splash on the deep black paint job. It was just the touch to complement the engine’s orange powdercoated cases.

But, for the most part, the custom fabrication and assembly took place at Donnie Smith’s Custom Cycle in Blaine. The Softail frame received the typical lowering treatment, and Donnie applied his signature extended fenders front and rear; the rear sheet metal was based on a modified B’Cool fender while the front is from Donnie’s fabrication shop.

You won’t mistake that stylish gas tank for a typical Fat Boy’s fuel jug, either. Ditto for the headlight assembly that combines a Harley-Davidson Night Stalker nacelle with some subtle changes by Donnie Smith. Indeed, a who’s who of custom component suppliers highlights the parts manifest bolted to the 2″-under stock front end. The mirrors hail from Paul Yaffe’s catalog, and Performance Machine supplied the hand controls that mount to the Carlini handlebar. Keeping with the high-tech theme, the familiar, tank-mounted speedometer was nixed in favor of a cleaner-looking Dakota Digital gauge.

About a year after Jay first rolled his Fat Boy into Donnie’s shop, the bike was nearing completion. Which brings us full circle to the custom wheels that Jay had decided to put on his bike in the first place to help distinguish it from any other Fat Boy that happened to be in the parking lot or on the road. His final choice: a set of Performance Machine’s Wicked Image hoops, both 18-inchers. Metzeler rubber was wrapped around the shiny wheels, at which point the bike was deemed ready to roll.

But Jay wasn’t. “I had some health issues at about the time the bike was finished, and I really didn’t have enough money to pay Donnie,” Jay said. Now here’s where the gray cloud’s silver lining might as well have turned to gold. “Donnie worked with me on that, too,” he said. And so our tale of woe has a happy ending. AIM


Words by Dain Gingerelli, photos by Bob Feather

Story as published in the November 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine. To order a copy, visit

American Iron Industry Leader News

The annual V-Twin Motorcycle Expo, recently held in Cincinnati, OH, is the largest Harley-Davidson related motorcycle dealer trade show of the year.The “Industry Leader of the Year” award is given to the person at the company that shows an unequaled vision, strategy and a dynamic business sense during the pastyear. Orange County executive, Mark Finnie, President of Performance Machine,was recently named the “2011 Industry Leader of the Year” during the Excellence inMotorcycling Awards ceremony held at the V-Twin Expo. Finnie will tell you it is a team effort that wins awards and gives credit to his employees.
Finnie has a degree in engineering and was hired to lead Performance Machine nearly three years ago. Finnie accepted the PM presidency during an economic downturn, which may have intimidated some, but not Mark…he was up for the challenge. Mark set his sights on new business development and successfully launched the first forged wheel program for the trike (3-wheeled motorcycle) market and is currently ready to launch a new forged wheel program for the off-road truck and Jeep markets. This will be the first venture for Performance Machine outside the motorcycle market. Finnie stated, “Diversifying our interests ensures that we can continue to grow while the economy takes its toll on the motorcycle market as well as other markets”.
Read the Full Story on PM’s Blog.
Who gets your award for an Industry Leader? Post in our forums.

Breaking in Motorcycle Calipers and Brake Discs

Great video from PM – Check it out:

You’ve got brand new calipers and brake discs on your motorcycle (perhaps they came from Performance Machine) and it’s time to break them in. And, like just about everything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about that task. Here’s how we recommend you break in motorcycle calipers and brake discs:

  1. First off, start your motorcycle and warm it up to the proper operating temperature.
  2. Find an empty stretch of roadway or a large, empty parking lot that provides enough room for you to accelerate to high speeds and brake safely.
  3. Perform six to 10 aggressive stops from 30 mph to zero, making sure you don’t come to a complete “dead” stop or lock the brakes while executing these stops.
  4. Next, perform another six to 10 aggressive stops — this time from 60 mph to zero. Again, do not allow the pads to remain stationary on the rotor.  Keep the bike moving and then reaccelerate for the next braking cycle.
  5. Once you’ve completed the pre-burnish stage, cruise around long enough to allow the brakes to completely cool. To burnish the brakes, perform 10 to 12 aggressive stops, accelerating to 45 mph this time and then stopping within 100 feet. Remember that these stops should be controlled and they should be consistent — avoid jerky or erratic braking.  A panic stop will damage the calipers and the discs.

Here’s a video of a quick test we performed.

Performing these simple maneuvers will result in the proper “bedding in” of the brakes, ensuring that your newly installed system will be reliable and safe.

If you purchased your calipers and brake discs from Performance Machine and have additional questions about breaking them in, feel free to call us at (800) 479-4037, or email our Tech Support team at tech [at] performancemachine [dot] com.

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PM’s answer for the Harley-Davidson XR1200

From PM’s Blog:

If you follow the American Motorcycle Association’s (AMA) racing circuit or are a devout fan of the Harley-Davidson Sportster, you already know about the new AMA Pro Racing Vance & Hines XR1200 Series .

For those who may have missed out on the announcement, the AMA Pro Racing Vance & Hines XR1200 Series is based around a 5-race championship specifically designed for modified Harley-Davidson XR1200 motorcycles. The visionary behind the class is its title sponsor, Vance & Hines, which is supplying the official race kit modification package (a package, by the way, that just so happens to include  a front 17” Performance Machine Assault wheel).

So, while Vance & Hines is supplying the race kit to series participants, here at Performance Machine, we’ve decided to extend this program with a kit of our own for those of you who crave the look and performance of a street and track-savvy motorcycle.

The race-proven Performance Machine XR1200 Package includes front and rear light-weight Assault wheels, and the often imitated but never duplicated Performance MachineSuper Gas Air Cleaner. Combine the Assault wheels with the PM Super Gas Air Cleaner and you’re looking at an increase of around 10 horsepower!

Sound intriguing? Check out these product features:

Assault Wheels

  • One-piece unit captured between ultra-light hubs
  • Innovative forging for strength and durability
  • Damn good looking

Super Gas Air Cleaner

  • K&N air filter
  • Stainless steel wire mesh screen for high-volume air flow
  • Built-in crank case breathers
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum

All the additional horsepower and the good looks of the PM XR1200 package is available right now for under $2,700.  If you were to attempt to buy these parts individually – either directly from us or your local authorized Performance Machine dealer – you’d pay about $3,000.  But, when you buy them as the XR1200 Package, you save a couple hundred bucks and gain an additional 10 horsepower!

To learn more you can contact Performance Machine direct at 800-479-4037 or visit your local dealer.