Removable Motorcycle Passenger Seat The ButtyBuddy

PRODUCT REVIEW By Nicole Hart – Say good-bye to monkey butt

Every once in awhile, an American Iron staff member is asked to put his butt on the line so you don’t have to. Well, this time none of them had the guts, so I had to do it. Most of you won’t recognize my name because I work behind the scenes as the advertising coordinator, but this month I’ve turned my attention to a more pressing issue: your rear end.

For two years now, the ButtyBuddy ads have been running strong, which tells me that people are digging this product. So what the heck is a ButtyBuddy anyway? Well, for any motorcycle passenger facing a ride on a narrow, cement-like pillion, it’s your new best friend. The ButtyBuddy is a lightweight, portable, detachable passenger seat designed to fit securely over any motor­cycle pillion. There’s even a model that was made specifically for the bare fenders found on most choppers and customs.

But I’ll tell you, the first time I saw this product, I was a little nervous. I was sure this thing would come flying off the back of the bike and I would land in the hospital. To my delight, this was not the case. With the help of two heavy-duty rubber straps that attach to the fender on each side, the seat actually stayed put. And after two hours of riding, my butt didn’t feel like it was on its third shot of Novocain. That’s because while most pillions are flat or rounded, the Butty­Buddy is concave, offering greater support and comfort than your typical gel pads and air cushions. And at the bargain price of $149.95, it serves as an affordable alternative to buying a costly aftermarket seat.

Ergonomically designed and easy to assemble, the ButtyBuddy is a practical and useful piece of equipment for any riding enthusiast or passenger. AIM

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Story as it appeared in the May 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine.