The 2017 One Moto Show Hits Portland Feb. 10-12

The ONE Moto Show

The ONE Moto Show is one of the premiere events in the Pacific Northwest.

The Concept:
The One Motorcycle Show is a show for everyone: celebrating the wild, rare, custom, classic and race motorcycles from all eras.

8 YEARS IS A MIGHTY LONG TIME to consecutively run a show that doubles in size every time. Not only has the show grown exponentially, we’ve made it our personal goal to make things different and exciting each go-round. We take comments from attendees, the builders, our sponsors, and industry personalities to sculpt each show into a masterpiece. Our pride is in the details, and it shows in our influence on the motorcycle industry.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, The One Motorcycle Show was built to bring people together. Last year we hosted a Pro Flat Track race in an attempt to bridge the disconnect from the custom scene to the growing resurgence of motorcycle racing. It was amazing: a stacked grid of world class racers, plus a class of racing that inspired custom street bikes to participate. Every seat in the house was packed, mainly with folks who had never seen Flat Track racing live before.

The One Motorcycle Show sets itself apart by being one of the only FREE shows both to attend and show a custom bike. This is no easy task, and we look to our gracious sponsors to help cover the costs every year. We treat each sponsor as a key ingredient to the show: the premium signage, floorspace, printed takeaways and social callouts are all part of the bigger value from partnering with us. We seek out sponsors who share our vision of celebrating motorcycle culture!

Harley Street 750 carbon fiber tracker

Every year the trail of AMAZING photos and stories shared socially and in print grows with the show. It’s so wild to look back on what we’ve done together. We invite you all to join us at the 8th Edition of The One Motorcycle Show!

2017: Eight Years of the One Moto Show

New this year:
New Location! Bigger, better!
More parking!
Indoor Marketplace: Stay Wild Magazine presents The One Moto Market
More offsite racing!

Estimated show attendance: 12,000 Bikes on view: 120 Market Vendors: 35+
This year we are moving to a new location, an old foundry located just a few miles from the city center. The building is 3 times the size of any show we have ever had. This will help us with a higher capacity, and give more space to show off the custom motorcycles – creating an environment easier to enjoy them and is much more photogenic. The additional indoor space will be used to build out a premier marketplace for show sponsors, vendors, and food/beer gardens.

900 North Columbia Blvd. Portland OR

Feb 10th 6-12 midnight
Feb 11th 9 a.m.- 11 p.m.
Feb 12th 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. – Races on Sunday Morning


For more information:

2017 ONE Moto Show Poster

Thrills and Spills – Dirt Quake USA 2016 Review

Capt Thor Dirt Quake USA 2016

See See’s Capt. Thor leads the charge aboard USS Newton during the Dirt Quake parade lap.

Portland’s P-funkiness jumped the Columbia River and invaded its neighbor to the north as Castle Rock, Washington, was overrun by riders with big bushy ‘fros and polyester shirts unbuttoned to navels, the motley crew doing their quarter-mile disco dance on mini-choppers and tracked-out Sportsters. “Danger” Ehren in his electric-blue do didn’t disappoint as he barreled up Castle Rock’s TT Jump and launched himself in the air on his Harley, the Jackass star’s antics a perfect fit for Dirt Quake USA 2016. Nobody’s jump was flashier than Jimmy Hill’s no-hander as “Hillsack” earned top honors in the “Style” contest off the Rock’s TT berm. Friday night a fearless few did “Danger” worthy dashes on their motorcycles through the bonfire under a blazing moon, cheers for the most outlandish echoing through the campground.

And though the Dirt Quake circus was a carousel of fun, come race time, when the flag dropped, things got real. Clutch levers were dumped and mad dashes were made for that first corner, Dirt Quakers coming out of Turn 2 four-wide at times. Friends in the pits, foes on the track, watching Cory Rushford of Team Rusty Butcher battle Suicide Machine Co.’s Shaun Guardado elbow-to-elbow in a heat race proved that once the flag dropped, friendships went out the window. This scenario was repeated in the Hooligan Main as Rushford diced with the Speed Merchant’s Chris Wiggins all the way to the finish line, Wiggins holding on for the win by a hair. Shaun G can tell you how real the racing was. After a hard-fought victory in the Hooligan “B” Class final, he also came home with a “mild concussion, whip lash and broken ankle” after a digger in the Main final but added in his Instagram post that he “can’t wait to go back.” While the premise of Dirt Quake is fun, the caliber of racing stepped up a notch this year.

Rubbin id Racing Dirt Quake 2016

If you think Cory (24) and Shaun (66) don’t want to win, think again. Rubbin’ is racing!

It looked like the mother ship had landed when a spacegirl circled on a Scout and Captain Thor set out on the USS Newton ATC. We were impressed by the big guy on his spoked-down, whitewall-wearing Harley Springer scraping floorboards on the clay, tassels to the wind, battling bikes half his size and holding his own. Chopper riders threw fishtails to the wind, grabbed ram’s horns in both hands, and attacked the track with abandon, lapping faster than you’d think rakes like theirs would allow.

While races were the main attraction, sideshows like a “Style” contest off the TT hump, the first-ever Dirt Quake Bike Show, and helter-skelter mini-bike races in and out of the pavilion west of the track stoked the flames. Campfires dotted Castle Rock nightly and Audios Amigos and Moondrake added audio tracks to the powder keg. Trades, barters, and buys took place on vendor’s row along the perimeter of the track. The buzz of bikes lapping the campground was constant, somehow a Seattle Cossack even finding its way into the mix.

Spacegirl Dirt Quake USA 2016

Dirt Quake to Space Girl, prepare to blast off!

We overhead one Quaker say “this is how races used to be.” And that’s part of the beauty of Dirt Quake. It has that “back-in-the-day” feel and an organic atmosphere you don’t often find these days. It’s a Pacific Northwest drum circle of hammering V-Twins and thumping exhausts around a dirt oval in the forests of Washington, a funky beat of bikes and bro’s in the backwoods. Hosts See See, Sideburn, and Harley’ve got “a real type of thing going down, gettin’ down” at Castle Rock.