The 1 Pro Stampedes Into Salem for 1st Round of RSD Super Hooligan Championship

Super Hooligan stampede to Turn 1 at The 1 Pro

It was a stampede to Turn 1 during the Super Hooligan main event.

If The 1 Pro flat track races are any indicator of how competitive and entertaining the 2017 RSD Super Hooligan National Championship Series is going to be, be prepared for one ferocious tour de force. The snarl of angry exhaust echoed from the bowels of Salem Speedway Sunday, from the race-tuned 450s of the pro flat trackers to the bellowing V-Twins of the Super Hooligans.

A long list of Pacific Northwest A-listers came to battle for the $6,000 purse in the Pro main, from Davis Fisher to Slammin’ Sammy Halbert. While Halbert rocketed to a strong start, Jeffrey Carver was not to be denied Sunday afternoon as he carved through traffic, into the lead, and never looked back. Carver also added the Dash for Cash to his tally, making it a clean sweep at the second annual The 1 Pro races.

Jeffrey Carver victory lap The One Moto

Jeffrey Carver takes a victory lap after winning the Pro Main race at The One Moto Show flat track races.

“I can’t say enough about the people out here in Salem. Great track prep, professionally ran, great rider and spectator turnout, with Fans Choice representation of American Flat Track were in the house, thank you,” said Carver’s dad, Jeff Sr.

In the Super Hooligan main event, riders stampeded like bulls into the first turn. Chris Wiggins was indeed a Speed Merchant as he made a push to the front, but it didn’t take long for the skills of AMA Pro rider Sammy Halbert to snatch the lead and hold it to the wire, pocketing the $250 bounties from both Dunlop and Bell Helmets. Halbert roasted the tire of his RSD Indian Scout Sixty hooligan bike at the end of his victory lap much to the delight of the crowd.

Rider down at the Super Hooligan race for The ONE Show.

Rider down!

In between those races, spectators got a glimpse at some of the talented young flat trackers of the future, the youngsters letting it fly on the tacky clay with skill and abondon. In true Super Hooligan fashion, there was a wide variety of vehicles taking to the track, from full-fledged framers to pit bikes. The old timer who took his maxi-scooter out on track with stock wheels and a topcase endeared himself to the crowd by not only competing but holding his own, clicking off impressively fast laps.

Fire The 1 Moto 2017

Fire! Getting rid of a little spilled fuel on the track.

And while scooter man brought glee to the crowd, it was a somber moment when Leticia Cline crashed into the unforgiving wall of Turn 2 during her race. A pall set over the crowd as she lay unmoving and unconscious on the track. Luckily, emergency personnel happened to be stationed at that turn and rushed to her aid immediately. While the crash earned the plucky Cline a trip to the Salem Hospital Emergency Room, she’s battered but not beaten.

“Had a fight with the wall racing today. Took a good hit, landed unconscious and left the ER with a concussion (from whiplash not my helmet) but I’m still racing @flatoutfriday in 5 days and that’s because I was wearing my @bell_powersports moto flex 9. That’s why I’m picky about what gear I rock because good gear keeps this all safe and still fun,” wrote Cline on her Instagram account.

Thor Drake and Cameron Brewer The 1 Pro flat track races

While the competition can get heated, there’s a fair share of brotherly love at the Super Hooligan races, too.

The race she speaks of, Flat Out Friday at the Mama Tried show this weekend, happens to be Round 2 of the 10 Round RSD Super Hooligan National Championship. We’re sure it’ll be another wild bar-banging affair.