Victory Motorcycle Race News – Electric Entry For Isle of Man 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Polaris, an American motorcycle manufacturer, today announced it has developed an electric motorcycle racer and plans to enter it into the gruelling Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) race next month.

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According to Victory Motorcycles, they intend “to race at the iconic International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) event on a prototype Victory electric race motorcycle.” The two “prototype electric race bikes will be piloted by William Dunlop of the legendary Dunlop dynasty and by Lee Johnston known in the racing world as “General Lee”.”

In addition to the NHRA Victory quarter mile drag racers, Victory recently announced a one-of-a-kind custom Victory racer to compete in the up-coming Pike’s Peak event. Now Victory Racing announced today they “will compete in the Isle of Man TT electric class, marking the first time that Victory Motorcycles has entered a professional motorcycle-racing event in Europe and raced an electric motorcycle.”

“The entire Victory team is excited to make history with this effort,” said Rod Krois, Victory General Manager. “We know that William Dunlop’s experience and the continued Victory Motorcycles development of this electric race bike through work with Parker will propel us into a strong future with electric motorcycles.”

With more than a hundred years of history, the annual International Isle of Man TT, raced on the Irish Sea Island, is one of the most demanding and exciting races in the world. The SES TT Zero Challenge class event for electric motorcycles is a one-lap race round the island’s 37.73 mile Mountain Course scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

The Victory Racing prototype electric race bike features a dedicated electric racing motor and power cells as well as highly sophisticated electric controls to maximize peak power, power delivery, and durability under racing conditions. Victory engineers have further refined the electronics and chassis for the upcoming race with private test sessions in North America.

One of the senior executives at Victory called the recent racing initiatives “Proving American Performance.” We at American Iron Magazine wish them nothing but success in their efforts and we are proud an American manufacturer is so committed to the sport.