10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the National Motorcycle Museum

Elmer Trett's Mountain Magic at the National Motorcycle Museum

Elmer Trett’s Mountain Magic is the drag bike he made his historic 6.06 second run on.

10. Elmer Trett’s “Mountain Magic” Drag Bike
Elmer Trett’s name is synonymous with Top Fuel motorcycle drag racing. The eight-time drag racing champion was the first rider to top the 200 mph mark in a sanctioned event. The 210, 220, 230 mph barriers fell next. His 6.06 pass at 234 mph on August 8, 1996, at an AMA/PROSTAR race, was one of the all-time great passes in motorcycle drag racing history. A tireless promoter of the sport and a master mechanic, he scored his first Top Fuel title racing a twin-engined Sportster. But what many believe was Trett’s finest work is Mountain Magic, the drag bike he did his 6.06 run on. You can get so close to Mountain Magic at the museum you can sense the explosion when Trett used to crack the throttle on this nitro-burning beast.

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