10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the National Motorcycle Museum

Jeff Decker's Speedway Bikes bronze sculptures at the National Motorcycle Museum

Being a fan of motorcycling history and racing helps artist Jeff Decker capture its essence in his bronze sculptures.

8. Jeff Decker’s Bronze Sculptures
His work welcomes you as soon as you walk in, a life-sized bronze sculpture of Joe Petrali tucked behind the small fairing of a streamlined Harley-Davidson sitting front and center just inside the museum’s doors. Few people can capture the essence of vintage motorcycle racing in bronze castings like Jeff Decker. It helps that he’s a historian as well as an artist. The eyes of the bust he made of speedway legend Sprouts Elder feel like they can look right through you. The realism and the way Decker freezes a moment in time is unmistakable. John Parham was obviously a fan of his work because there’s several Decker pieces spread about the museum.

Jeff Decker's Sprouts Elder bronze sculpture

Jeff Decker’s bronze sculptures like this one of speedway legend Sprouts Elder are wonderfully detailed. You’ll find several of Decker’s works spread about the National Motorcycle Museum.

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