10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the National Motorcycle Museum

King of Cool 1947 Indian Chief Chopper at the National Motorcycle Museum

The “King of Cool” Steve McQueen used to like to get away from it all on this 1947 Indian Chief chopper.

4. King of Cool Steve McQueen’s 1947 Indian Chief Chopper
Steve McQueen didn’t get the nickname “King of Cool” by accident. Beyond his Hollywood persona, he was a rider, racer and rebel, qualities which endeared him to the motorcycling community. McQueen could ride, really ride, and loved to compete in off-road races like the Elsinore Grand Prix and Baja 1000. At the National Motorcycle Museum they’ve got McQueen’s 1947 Indian Chief chopper on display, said to be one of McQueen’s favorite bikes to ride when he wanted to “escape from the world.” The King of Cool’s chopper has a girder fork that’s been extended four inches, a left hand throttle, and a right hand tank shift with a foot clutch. It’s weathered and worn and is in the same condition it was when McQueen used to get the hell out of dodge on it. His sleeping bag is even rolled up on the handlebars ready to crash out by a fire out in the desert.

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