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American Iron Video: 1948 Harley Panhead First Start In Years

Buzz Kanter News

American Iron Video: 1948 Harley Panhead First Start In Years


Buzz Kanter is prepping his 1948 Panhead to lead the vintage section of American Iron Magazine’s Honor Ride sponsored by GEICO. Buzz spent weeks working on the old Pan and decided to videotape it’s first start in well over 4 years. The results are pretty smokey but darn impressive.

Join the AIM crew on this historic ride to Milwaukee and help celebrate Harley’s 110th anniversary. For more info and details about the Honor Ride CLICK HERE.



  1. vaughn November 14, 2013

    Hello…didnt know where to ask this ….in the June 2013 issue (yes I’m behind) the article
    on the 1960 duo-glide…in the text ….Paul reached out to the Harley Davidson Archives
    to find history on his machine…I have a bike that I would like to get some history on
    How is it done?…went to the Harley Archives website…no help….thx….vaughn

  2. Buzz October 7, 2013

    Congrats on buying an early classic Harley. For more info on it and other classics visit the forum on http://www.caimag.com – the classic side of American Iron.

  3. Joseph Boselli October 7, 2013

    Hello Buzz,

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1927 J model. I would greatly appreciate speaking to you about the bike and what I should be looking for.

    Thank you,

    Joseph Boselli

  4. Buzz September 15, 2013

    As I recall you had a great looking shovel and said you were meeting some friends so you passed on riding with us. But I recall handing you some Honor Ride stickers you put on your bike. We are honored that you support us and our magazine.

  5. Lance Merrill September 15, 2013

    I was fueling my bike in Rockford, IL, when your “Honor Ride” group pulled into the gas station. You noticed my 1978 FLH Shovelhead. Your comments were too kind. After looking at my bike, you invited me to ride with your group. I was shocked and excited. What a way to start my journey to Milwaukee. There is no wonder why you are successful. You give a guy off the street a chance to ride with a bunch of awesome people. It may have been called “Honor Ride”, it was truly an honor for me. Thank you once again. Many successful years for you. Ride on!
    Lance Merrill

  6. Daniel A July 23, 2013

    I’m going over to wheels through time in a week. Sweet bike.

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