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JJ Handfield, long-time Sales Manager of the Consumer Division of Bel-Ray Company, Inc, is joining Spectro Oils as Director of International Sales and Marketing, effective 7.7.2010, Dave Miller, Spectro President announced today.Handfield said, “I am extremely excited to be joining this successful, honest, family-run business. Spectro’s been my great competitor for many years. That has helped me in making this decision.”JJ joined Bel-Ray shortly after leaving the U.S. Marine Corps, starting his career there in manufacturing. He left to create an independent distributorship in New Jersey in 1971, but was then urged in 1972 to rejoin the Company.

In addition to his sales and marketing responsibilities, JJ soon added the role of test rider as the company worked to develop a deeper line of motorcycle products. Handfield’s racing experience parallels his 38 years in the oil business, and, among many honors received, he was named by the AMA as Team Manager of the 1981 Motocross and Trophy des Nations team. His work with that team resulted in the first win for the United States in the history of that competition.


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