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2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle? On-Line Rumors

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2015 Indian Scout Motorcycle? On-Line Rumors


Rumors leaked out of a secret new 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle. LA Times says this is the new 2015 1133cc liquid-cooled, 100 horsepower Scout. MSRP for the base model: $10,999. Could be an important machine for the Polaris-owned relaunch of this iconic motorcycle. 

Secret new 2015 Indian Scout or a practical joke?

Is this a surprise launch that we didn’t know about or a practical joke? 



  1. Shelly August 16, 2014

    Since I bought my scout I have been anxious for a new Scout to be created. I am now officially disappointed. I have a 2000 Scout prototype. I find this new scout to be UN-Indian. I mean really. ALL Indians have the Indian fender ornament . It’s trademark, it’s what sets us apart and makes us instantly distinctive when seen anywhere. This new scout looks to busy, uncomfortable and the tank does not seem to flow with the rest of the lines. Maybe this is why they didn’t want me to tour the factory when I was there a few months back!

  2. Rick August 4, 2014

    I don’t think the styling is so bad for the most part, but that engine looks a little too… industrial.

  3. Troy August 2, 2014

    I think it looks awesome. Best thing about it is that it is actually water cooled!! Finally a cool looking cruiser that can make some real power!

  4. steveinsandiego August 2, 2014

    i’ll wager it’s a joke. looks too “unindianlike” to me.

    and, uh, Mark, they might sell a ton to 65 yr old soc sec drawin’ old guys like me who are hankerin’ to return to cruiser life (been riding a ninja 650 for 5 yrs – wink, wink).

  5. Steve August 2, 2014

    It’s already growing on me. I have 2003 Indian Chief (Gilroy bike). Not so refined as the new Chiefs which I are really excellent cruisers. We were lucky enough to test them last year at sturgis and I was very impressed, great launch by the way.

  6. Buzz August 2, 2014

    We suspect this is not a joke. Should get confirmation this evening from Sturgis.

  7. Tom August 2, 2014

    The Times story (now deleted) described the new Scout as “retro cool.” This is neither. I hope it’s a practical joke.

  8. Mark August 2, 2014

    I like it. But the aircooled traditionalists are gonna have a nuclear meltdown. Pretty smart marketing though. I bet they sell a ton of them to kids who would otherwise buy a metric.