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2015 Indian Scout Ride Review – Preview

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2015 Indian Scout Ride Review – Preview


2015-Indian-Scout-previewNEW BIKE REVIEW by Dain Gingerelli

Noah Webster and company can add a new definition to the word overachiever to their lexicon. And the definition is exactly three words long: Indian Motorcycle Company. Consider that less than three years after mother ship Polaris Industries purchased the left-for-dead carcass of a company in early 2011, the first three Indian preproduction prototypes (Chief Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain) appeared in the metal at the 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. By October of that same year, the first production models were on dealer showrooms, waiting to be sold. Less than a year later, the Roadmaster (see AIM issue #315) appeared. Overachieving, indeed.

But then the overachieving got kooky, because to kickstart the week-long Sturgis rally for 2014, Indian unveiled the all-new-for-2015 Scout at what was certainly one of the wildest new-model launches in memory.

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  1. AirborneSoldier February 16, 2015

    I have been following the re-birth for a long time as well. I thought the Kings Mountain boys were out of business by the time Polaris bought the name.
    I had hoped Kawasaki would buy it, as the Drifter in both displacements was a real deal bike. They could have made the name proud.
    Polaris is doing a super job though. I rode the Scout at the Fayetteville Arkansas Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally in Sept 2014. Outstanding motorcycle, with a very affordable pricetag. Has me really thinking of pulling the trigger on one, at least when all three of my kiddos graduate from college!

  2. Ed monarque January 6, 2015

    I have to take issue with the so called purchase of a “left for dead carcass of a company in early 2011.” The way I remember it. and I’ve been following the company from the Gilroy days. Is that Stellican bought the INDIAN MOTORCYCLE BRAND and started producing INDIAN CHIEFS AT THE KINGS MOUNTAIN NORTH CAROLINA HEAD QUARTERS AND Production plant. They were on their way and being quite successful. So they were not the “left for dead carcass” ( only in your harley dreams) as your mistaken view and opinion states. Get your facts right mister.. Seems with the twisted and misleading statement you made up there. Makes me have to wonder if your opinion or critiques on away Motorcycle or issue you write about can be trusted. Polaris in there infinite wisdom would not have bought a failing company, else they would have bought it when the Boys at Gilroy failed back in 2003. But I understand that idiots abound.

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