2018 Indian Scout Bobber Preview

Photo courtesy of Brian Nelson & Felix Romero

When Indian announced that it would hold its press ride for the brand-new Indian Scout Bobber back in July, we figured who better to send but a young writer whose own Indian Scout won the Garage Girls Contest last year and who has traversed the great open roads of America on Indian’s premier offering for the new-rider, urban-dwelling crowd: Leah Misch. Here’s a brief excerpt from Leah’s first ride review that we will feature in issue #354 (on sale 9/12). Safe to say she’s digging the future-is-now element of Indian’s latest offering:

“That said, wow, does Indian Motorcycle know how to make a statement to continue gaining ground in the market. It debuted the Scout in 2014, with sales growing faster than competitors buoyed by the release of the Scout 60 in 2016, and the Wrecking Crew continues to dominate the American Flat Track races with the FTR750 in 2017. Sticking to its progressive and aggressive campaign to gain ground on the big dogs in Milwaukee, Indian revealed a new plan for the future with the Scout Bobber. This newest member of the Scout family pays homage to the past with similar aspects of the original Scout, yet it exudes more attitude and a bolder personality. A personality less Sheriff Andy Taylor and more Harry Callahan, Clint Eastwood’s titular character who he portrayed in Dirty Harry; we all remember the line: “Ask yourself, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Photo courtesy of Brian Nelson & Felix Romero

The Scout Bobber is geared towards a younger demographic looking for a stylish urban commuter. A generation overwhelmed with technology needs to get away from phones, social media, millions of e-mails. Here’s our remedy, a motorcycle geared to get us back in touch with simplicity. Who wouldn’t love a fresh breath of air, faster commute with better parking, better gas mileage, and a good-looking ride to boot? Of course, the sweet irony here is that the Bobber will look killer on Instagram. #AmericanIronic.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of American Iron Magazine Issue #354 to get the full scope of what Leah took away from her date with the future.