2018 The ONE Moto Show Presented by Harley-Davidson Feb. 9 -11

2018 The One Moto Show

9 YEARS AGO, WE HOSTED THE VERY FIRST ONE MOTORCYCLE SHOW in an old abandoned warehouse near downtown Portland because we thought it’d be fun. The show was created to celebrate the old, weird, rare, custom and unconventional motorcycles that we love in a way that everyone can enjoy. We want to celebrate and give back to motorcycling for giving so much to us. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate, and bring people together at a time of year that is typically slow in the Pacific Northwest. We cultivate an unforgettable event during the cold winter months, and we’ve worked hard all these years to do so. It hasn’t been easy, but we hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

THIS YEAR, WE’LL BE SELLING TICKETS TO GET INTO THE SHOW. We’ve avoided charging an entry fee for as long as possible, and it took us a really long time to come to this conclusion. The small amount we are asking for will help maintain the show’s integrity, and keep it going into the future. We can’t wait to share the benefits with you, including less lines, more activities, and an overall better show experience for everyone.

ON THAT NOTE: THIS YEAR WILL BE AN EXCEPTIONAL ONE! The location is a 100+ year old foundry located in the north industrial side of Portland, formerly called Vanport. We have invited 100 of the top custom motorcycle builders from all over North America. We have confirmed over 40 different moto-inspired artists from all over the world. We have joined forces with 45 different curated vendors. We are offering up some of Portland’s finest craft beer, coffee, wine, and food. We have 6 great bands playing live music over the course of the weekend. Mini-moto races you ask? Well, it’s highly possible! Come see over 60,000 square feet of motorcycle magic, meet old friends and make some new ones, all the while experiencing a show unlike any other in the world.

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Get your tickets at the1moto.com