5 Questions with UNKNOWN Industries Holden Pruitt aka holden.vs.theworld

They make a living on one wheel, achieving the inconceivable on Dynas and baggers. They thrive at a point common riders fear, calm and controlled at the precipice where others loop over. Popping wheelies perpendicular to the ground is second nature. The cats at UNKNOWN Industries have made a name for themselves by eschewing the traditional route of stunting on sport bikes for Harley-Davidsons. Their Harley Wheelie YouTube series has racked up millions of views and they’ve established a devoted following through social streams.

We had the good fortune of catching up with one of the crew at the recent Biltwell Parking Lot Sale where we hit up UNKNOWN’s Holden Pruitt aka holden.vs.theworld with a rapid-fire 5 question interview (with a couple follow up questions thrown in for good measure).

Unknown Industries Holden.vs.theWorld at Biltwell 2017

Thanks Holden Pruitt of UNKNOWN Industries for taking time to answer a few questions for us.

American Iron: Why Harleys?

Holden: It’s just what I’ve always loved, even from a kid. My dad I blame more than anybody, being into Harleys. He didn’t have one always when I was growing up but just being around them and some of his friends having them.

AIM: It’s just not the first thing people think of when they think of stunt bikes.

Holden: Definitely not. I had a couple sport bikes. I grew up racing motocross and was into sport bikes when I was 18 or 19. And then I ended up working at a Harley dealer and that’s when I decided I had to have one. So when you race motocross, you just put the two together. You gotta have fun!

AIM: What are you riding?

Holden: A 2002 Dyna. It’s basically a stock bike. The suspension’s changed up a little bit and a few power mods. Basically just creature comforts, make it your own bike. A few engine mods, nothing major, just a cam, exhaust and intake.

AIM: What’s your show stopper? What gets people going?

Holden: For me would be donuts without the brake. No front brake, just let it rip!

AIM: What made you decide that hey, this is what I want to do, I want to be a stunt rider?

Holden: I’ve always done it, it just never had a name. Moving to California was cool because I’m from Alabama originally and there it was just kind of what I’ve done. When I moved to California there was this huge following of what I was doing so it slowly turned into this.

AIM: Growing up were you watching the FMX guys?

Holden: Yeah, I was always into freestyle motocross and racing and even as I was older watching the Unknown guys, the original guys ride online and I was like, man that’s just bad-ass, I want to be a part of that.

AIM: If someone wanted to see Unknown Industries at an event, how could they go about that?

Holden: We post on Instagram, which is our biggest thing, Facebook, Unknown Industries.com, what shows and events we’ll be at. We try to hit as many of the big Harley events around as we can.

• Pruitt said of the next events they’ll be performing at is the Laughlin River Run April 26-29.

• Be sure to check out their site for sweet UNKNOWN merch like their ever-popular calendar.

The ever-popular Unknown calendar.

The ever-popular Unknown calendar graces many a garage wall.