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A Motorcycle Wheel Chock For The Garage, Trailer, or Pickup

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A Motorcycle Wheel Chock For The Garage, Trailer, or Pickup


It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this magazine that we often do the installations ourselves. Many times, we need the bike upright during the job and not on its kickstand. After propping a bike up with a couple of two-by-fours a few times, we realized we were asking for a problem. So before we did something stupid, we did something smart: we got a wheel chock.

We went with a Steadymate motorcycle wheel chock (#80014/$199). And though we’re using it in the shop, the Steadymate can also be bolted to a trailer or pickup bed using the supplied hardware. We chose the Steadymate because it’s fully adjustable to different wheel sizes, a must for us since we’re always working on different bikes. And since there are no side braces, we have full access to the wheel and tire. And though the Steadymate does secure the front wheel well, it’s a good idea to also strap the bike to the chock. To that end, we also ordered a pair of Cinchtite 5 tie-down straps (#15469/$24.19) from the same company. These straps have a spring-loaded snap hook that we can secure to the chock (or trailer/pickup truck bed). The medium-duty 1″ strap’s other end has a built-in soft loop that will not hurt paint or chrome; it gets wrapped around the handlebars and connected to the hook on the strap. Of course, the strap has the standard ratcheting device, so you can cinch everything down. With the Steadymate chock and Cinchtite straps holding our project bike, nothing’s going to knock it over, not even Joe K slamming into it! AIM


SOURCES: Steadymate Inc., 160 Dynamic Dr., Toronto, ON M1V 5A5, Canada, 416/291-7168, Steadymate.com