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What’s It Like To Ride A 1929 Harley? Video

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What’s It Like To Ride A 1929 Harley? Video


What’s that? You wanna know what its like to ride Buzz’s 1929 Harley JDH Cannonball bike? No problem. Enjoy this video shot from the riders point of view. As you’ll see and hear, the Bike’s running strong, shifting smoothly and looking good. This years Motorcycle Cannonball is just over a week away, looks as though rider, machine and Team American Iron are ready for the challenge.

To pick up your official Team American Iron Cannonball t-shirt, visit: www.GreaseRag.com.

For more info about this years Cannonball, and route details visit: www.Classic-Harley.info.


1 Comment

  1. Jimmy Hoffa August 27, 2013

    Would have liked to seen the starting procedure.