About Us

American Iron Magazine is a Stamford, Connecticut based American motorcycle magazine specializing in the coverage of American-made motorcycles including Harley-Davidson, Indian (motorcycle), Victory and EBR (Erik Buell Racing) motorcycles. American Iron Magazine[1] (or AIM) contains columns by Editor-in-Chief Buzz Kanter, Editor Chris Maida, and female motorcyclists Cris Sommer Simmons, as well as standard tech articles by featured writers Donny Peterson. Typical articles include how-to stories on motorcycle repairs and maintenance, classic bikes, custom builds, motorcycle reviews, motorcycle product/accessory reviews, events, the Hog Helpline for tech questions, and recommendations on routes for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Launched in 1989 in California, the American Iron Magazine was purchased by magazine publisher and long time motorcycle enthusiast Buzz Kanter and his TAM Communications in 1991 and moved to Connecticut, where it is still published.

In 2008 the staff of American Iron Magazine launched an on-line version for classic motorcycle enthusiasts named Classic American Iron Magazine. Limited to topics related to American made motorcycles pre-1984, Classic American Iron Magazine [2] features an on-line magazine format as well as an active bulletin board forum.

American Iron Magazine has two sister publications, Motorcycle Bagger, and Motorcycle magazine, print magazines in similar style focused on the bagger machines, and all brands respectively, Classic American Iron Magazine, an on-line magazine focused on classic American motorcycles like Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior and others.