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ACC Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Review

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ACC Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Review


Honestly, sometimes the last thing we at AIM want to put on when going for a ride is a helmet. This could be because we fancy ourselves a bunch of dashing, windswept heroes whose rakish good looks should never be hidden, even by a hat, much less, a burdensome bauble — protective though it may be. However, as you can imagine, there are many times that we’re required to wear helmets, and it’s the DOT-approved ones that keep OSHA, bike manufacturers, and insurance guys off our backs. For this reason, we own a wide variety of lids, which fulfill our needs at any given moment. One of the latest additions to our collection, and new favorite, is the Extended Half DOT carbon-fiber helmet ($175-$190) seen here in flat black.

Made in the US by Advanced Carbon Composites (ACC), this helmet is comprised of a 50/50 blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar 29 (ballistic quality). It comes with a four-point, 3,000-psi nylon harness, and an Echo Products quick disconnect, which, in all honesty, takes some getting used to. The included multithickness sizing pads easily allow a custom fit, and since the foam liner is only 5/8″ thick, the wonderful mushroom look associated with most halves is nowhere to be found. For those of you thinking that these lids are still too thick, ACC offers a non-DOT carbon fiber helmet ($109-$129), featuring a thin, Ensolite, energy-absorbing foam liner which produces an even smaller, but still safe, helmet. It’s just not DOT approved.

Both types of helmets are available in Extended Half and Polo styles. You have your choice of natural carbon, solid, candy, woven chrome, or metalflake finish in a variety of colors. To date, this is the thinnest, lightest, and most comfortable DOT-approved half-helmet we’ve found. In fact, we like this skull cap so much that we’ll all be modeling them in an upcoming issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Face down. AIM

–Staff as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

Advance Carbon Composites
6127 Anno Ave., Dept AIM
Orlando, FL 32809


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