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AIM Winner Receives ’15 Indian Chief Vintage At Sturgis

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AIM Winner Receives ’15 Indian Chief Vintage At Sturgis


IMG_053225 logo 8Where did the time go? I was only 4 years old when Buzz Kanter bought the American Iron Magazine title in 1991. And while I’ve learned how to walk and, debatably, talk since then, AIM has gone from being published in a spare bedroom in the Kanter household, to the number-one selling Harley mag in the world, with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, along Fairfield County’s Gold Coast. And for more than 25 years now, AIM has been going strong. That said, all of those issues we’ve printed would not have been possible if it weren’t for you, our readers.

To celebrate AIM’s longevity, we decided to give something back. So in issue #305, we announced that American Iron Magazine would launch a giant sweepstakes event, with a chance for readers to win various prizes, including a brand-spanking-new Indian. To enter, all you had to do was subscribe to AIM or send in a 3″ x 5″ card with your contact info as an entry. If you already were a subscriber, your name was automatically entered. Easy, huh? And, no, employees weren’t eligible to win. Bummer!

From issues #308 to #320, we randomly pulled three lucky people’s names from the hat as winners of the three monthly prizes: a complete set of Fix My Hog DVDs, a $100 gift card to our GreaseRag.com web site, or a $1,000 Dennis Kirk gift card. Their names were announced each month in the Quoted & Noted section of the magazine. If you do the math, that’s 39 prizes total.

In issue #323, we announced all of the winners! And Gary Moody of Fort Worth, TX, our grand prize winner, received the keys to an all-new 2015 Indian Vintage at the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

This article originally appeared in American Iron Magazine issue # 323, published in April 2015. To order a back issue of this or any other issue of American Iron Magazine, visit Greaserag.com.
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