All-new Corbin Gambler Seat for 2018-19 Fat Boy

Corbin’s Gambler saddle was designed with a clean, sporty profile and enhanced back support. This is a great setup for hot-rodded bikes where a less-reclined posture is desired. Is it possible to get too much of a good thing? When it comes to back support, we don’t think that’s possible, so the Gambler saddle has the option of a removable rider’s backrest. In fact, this seat offers up 15″ of vertical support with the Corbin #02-SB backrest installed.

We’ve taken the concept of the solo designed Gunfighter saddle and converted the fastback into a capable passenger seat. Featuring 6″ of vertical back support in the rider’s area while keeping a clean profile.

The Gambler offers a sleek appearance that makes this design extremely popular for around-town cruising. It features a sculpted position with a clean pillion seating area profile. Starts at $563.