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American Iron Breaking News – HD Expands in Kansas City?


American Iron Breaking News – HD Expands in Kansas City?


Union workers at Harley-Davidson’s Kansas City plant on Monday approved a new labor agreement that will help the company implement a new production system.

The new labor agreement is for seven years and replaces one that was set to expire in July 2012.

The Kansas City plant has 685 full-time hourly unionized employees but will probably be reduced to 540 positions. The company expects to add 145 flexible positions that will be filled by union members, but they will work only as required to cover increased production or to fill in for other employees on vacations and other absences.

The motorcycle company had said that without a revamped contract, the Kansas City operation could be moved to a plant in York, Pa. Negotiators reached the agreement last week, and the rank and file voted on it Monday.

The agreement includes concessions that Harley has said were necessary to keep the work here and are similar to what the company has already won at plants in Milwaukee and Tomahawk, Wis.

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