American Iron Garage – All Tech Harley Magazine Now On Sale

The American Iron Magazine team has published a new magazine called American Iron Garage that goes on sale today. It is an all tech issue with lots of step-by-step install articles for Harley riders. And it has a large catalog from J&P Cycles including over $3,000 of special discounts in this issue.

Harley Bagger, Softail, Sportster tech and more!

If you love Harley motorcycles and do a lot of your own wrenching this is a must buy Harley magazineĀ for you. It is sold in most stores that sell American Iron Magazine and is NOT included with a subscription to American Iron Magazine. This is the one and only issue to be published in 2011.

If you can’t find a copy locally check out


  1. Each issue of American Iron Garage is different, but they usually cover mostly Twin Cams and Evos, but we also do tech on Ironheads, Shovels and Pans.

  2. Does american iron garage give tech tips for shovelheads

  3. It goes on sale in a few weeks. Thanks.

  4. When is the release date for 2014? Just wondering if y’all figured that out or not!

  5. Yes, we will be selling it all across Canada, but not until early summer.

  6. Will Attwell says:

    Will I be able to find American Garage mags for 2014 in Toronto, Canada?

  7. Sorry, but no. We published the amazing American Glory: 110 Years of Harley History this year, but plan two issues of American Iron Garage for 2014.

  8. Bill Kruse says:

    Alright, where’s 2013 American Iron Garage???? Still going to publish one???

  9. American Iron Garage was a special issue we published in 2011 and 2012. We are not planning one in 2013 as we will be pretty busy with 13 issues of American Iron Magazine and one special American Glory – 110 years of Harley. We hope to expand American Iron Garage in 2014.

  10. Why is there not a subscription for American Iron Garage, Id rather have this opposed to the main magazine

  11. Thanks. You are exactly the kind of Harley rider we had in mind when we created American Iron Garage. You should also find good value in the monthly American Iron Magazine too. We are planning on publishing the next issue of American Iron Garage next year.

  12. Rick Sarabin says:

    Being a first time street bike and first time Harley owner, this Mag was a great read for me. I know many will want me in depth tech articles but this basic bolt- on type articles are awesome for guys like me. I have not seen anything like this in print. Keep it up please!!!

  13. Add me to the list of people looking for a subscription. Liked that it covered Sportsters to Baggers. I’ve never had a Sportster, but the Cafe Nightster really got me thinking.

  14. Our goals with this first issue were to find out if there is enough demand for a product like this to make it worth while to publish and to share some tech and how to with regular people who are not mechanics. We are already discussing the next issue for 2012. Thanks.

  15. Paul Ryan says:

    Love this edition, I want more of them,not just one a year. I have some tech ability and find articles like changing grips very usefull. I have a new Road Glide Ultra and have to do upgrades by myself. Another good service would be putting you mag online so subscribers could read electronicly and also get more how to’s for us guys that have a wrench or two and a screwdriver to work our bikes.

  16. Not looking for a solution to my electrical issues. What I was hoping for was some sort of laymans article on how to test your charging system and it’s components , what you should expect for readings on each component and how to narrow it down to which part is defective. Nothing special just some easy things a guy can do with the average amount of tools.
    Don’t get me wrong I find this to be a great step in the right direction and long overdue.

  17. Freaking sweet. I have a Dyna so not much in this issue for me but it is an excellent idea to make a mag for the one’s of us that not just want to save cash by doing it ourselves but actually enjoy working on our bikes. Great mag and I hope you guy’s keep putting them out.

  18. Wish we could help and will suggest this to our editors. If that many shops can’t ind out what’s wrong with the bike in their shop might be tough for us to diagnose and fix it for a distance.

  19. Tom/ FROG says:

    Was hoping to find something more indepth and not so much bolt on. I have been to at least three Harley shops and more independents and they still can’t find my charging problems. Maybe an article on how to test the complete charging system and it’s components could help us all. So far all I have is the same problem and less money.

  20. Mason S says:

    Guys – love the idea but here is the issue – everything in your first issue is blah… I mean really I can find this stuff anywhere online, or in any other magazine. Changing the air cleaner? Please…

    Seriously – divide into sections for each type of motor, and have a section for customs. Ultimately, you can have them then on the site, along with video and have more integrated product, with various subscription options. For instance – things like – how to install a rear fender on X type frame, or what you need to think about installing one exhaust over the other – for instance, in your cafe racer RSD makeover, you failed to point out that the RSD Tracker will heat up like all hell, and likely burn your leg.

    Also – for instance, things like – how to determine the right radius on a fender for X wheel/tire application, how to figure out the right front end size, based on the size of your rear wheel, etc… You might even what to discuss thee differences between exhaust systems between model years, and if they are interchangeable in any way shape or form…

    All in all, harley tech, I can find online for free… But why would I buy your magazine if I can get that for free someplace else? I have built a few customs, but the questions I get from my friends with bikes, are the ones I just listed. The – “how do I figure out how this take will, or will not fit on this frame?” “how will it look?” “How do I know how much engine clearance I’ll have with this tank?”

    That’s the type of this I believe most people would like to see. There would be no point for me to suscribe to this rag. Sorry, but you missed the mark here I think.

  21. Sorry for the inconcenience and know it must be frustrating. Our magazine distributor tells us it is in all WalMarts and most of the major bookstores.

  22. Cannot find this American Iron Garage anywhere. I wish there was a retail locator so I don’t have to spend $10 is gas trying to find this thing. The fact that it’s $5.99 and Grease Rag is selling copies for $10+$5 shipping is a disgrace.

    Extremely disappointed in this one. You should have offered advanced orders or something for your loyal subscribers.

  23. Sorry you are disappointed. The American Iron Garage sells for $5.99 on US newsstands.

  24. I think this is a great idea, but I wish you would make it available to more outlets than news stands. I live about 75 miles from the closest place that would carry this and I am pretty sure they will be gone by the time I have a chance to get there. Maybe you can make some available to subscribers by special order?

  25. Jim Gilmer says:

    When I started my 68 Electorglide basket case your magazine was an inspiration-You even published my original pleminary photos in Jan 04 (I think)
    Still have electroglde (and 03 springer which I bough new) and am ready for Road King-Really expected help fromyou guys

  26. Jim Gilmer says:

    Extremely dissapointed tha expected to pay 30.00 deposit for info-Subscriber and contributor to your otstanding magazine for tech advise-Subscription expired nowmay remainso


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