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American Iron Garage All Tech Magazine – Submit Your Homebuilt Harleys

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American Iron Garage All Tech Magazine – Submit Your Homebuilt Harleys


We at American Iron Magazine are pleased to announce we will be publishing 2 issues of the very popular American Iron Garage in 2014. These issues are in addition to the usual 13 issues a year of American Iron Magazine (AIM), and will not be part of the AIM subscription deal.

American Iron Garage is an all tech magazine with the editorial consisting roughly of a third each of tech and how-to, home-built customs, and new products for the bike and workshop.

If you have a great customized or redone Harley you did in your garage please send us photos and a very brief write up of what you did and why. Please send these photos and description to Letters@AmericanIronMag.com and include American Iron Garage in the subject line. If we pick it we will work with you to arrange a magazine quality photo shoot and professional writers.

2012 American Iron Garage All Tech Magazine

The last issue we published of American Iron Garage was in 2012 and it sold very well. Back issues are available in print here or in digital delivery here.

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