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The annual V-Twin Motorcycle Expo, recently held in Cincinnati, OH, is the largest Harley-Davidson related motorcycle dealer trade show of the year.The “Industry Leader of the Year” award is given to the person at the company that shows an unequaled vision, strategy and a dynamic business sense during the pastyear. Orange County executive, Mark Finnie, President of Performance Machine,was recently named the “2011 Industry Leader of the Year” during the Excellence inMotorcycling Awards ceremony held at the V-Twin Expo. Finnie will tell you it is a team effort that wins awards and gives credit to his employees.
Finnie has a degree in engineering and was hired to lead Performance Machine nearly three years ago. Finnie accepted the PM presidency during an economic downturn, which may have intimidated some, but not Mark…he was up for the challenge. Mark set his sights on new business development and successfully launched the first forged wheel program for the trike (3-wheeled motorcycle) market and is currently ready to launch a new forged wheel program for the off-road truck and Jeep markets. This will be the first venture for Performance Machine outside the motorcycle market. Finnie stated, “Diversifying our interests ensures that we can continue to grow while the economy takes its toll on the motorcycle market as well as other markets”.
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