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TAKING AIM, by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

I’ve been getting lots of letters lately from readers concerned that since Motorcycle Bagger has been discontinued, we’re going to flood American Iron with suitcases, as one reader called them. I guess they’re reacting to Buzz’s column in Issue #323, where he stated that we were going to start adding a bit more bagger editorial and tech into AIM. Flooding AIM with baggers isn’t what Buzz meant. We plan on having a bike feature and tech article for the bagger guys in every issue. Sometimes we may also have a Reader’s Ride that’s also a bagger, like it is in this issue.  We always had baggers and bagger tech in AIM before Motorcycle Bagger, so we’re going back to that
format, but with more regularity.

While I’m at it, I should also address any reader concerns that we’re going to start filling American Iron with Victory and/or Indian articles in every issue. I say that because we have three articles with Victory content in this issue: Techline, American Motorcycle Girl, and a short review in our Daytona Bike Week coverage. That’s not the start of a trend. True, we have been putting more Indian and Victory content into AIM, but our plan is not to pull out Harley content to do that.

What we strive to do in American Iron Magazine is have something for everyone who’s interested in American motor­cycling. Our goal is to cover the full scope of what this encompasses, be it custom baggers, Softails, Dynas, V-Rods, Sportsters, or trikes, both pro and home-built. We also cover vintage bikes and tech as well as new models by Harley, Indian, Victory, and other American manufacturers, such as the new ARCH Motorcycle. Though the bulk of our coverage is Harley-oriented, Indian, Victory, and other USA-made brands have a place in AIM.

Since I’m on the subject of our magazine’s content, I might as well address other areas of reader concern. During the course of the year, I get letters from readers saying there are too many customs, too many old bikes, too much tech, etc. in the magazine. We split American Iron approximately in half regarding custom bikes and tech. We do this because there are many readers who love to check out the latest trends as well as what other builders are doing, since these readers build a bike from scratch or customize a production bike. We put in lots of tech, much more than other magazines, for our readers who have no interest in customs. They want articles on new bikes, and what they can do to improve the power, handling, whatever of their basically stock-looking bikes.

So please continue to send me letters telling me what you do and don’t like as well as any other concerns you have regarding AIM content. We take them into account as we plan our issues for the year. And thanks for being an American Iron Magazine reader!

See you on the road,

Chris Maida

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