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American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger Harley

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American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger Harley


We have been so busy over the last year or so putting together this magazine and our new American Iron Motorcycle Bagger that we forgot to ask you what it is you most look forward to seeing in our pages. Sorry about that. You’ll find a new reader survey on page 93 (or click here AIM Reader Survey). Frankly, it amazes me that more readers don’t take the time to influence what we put in this magazine. We want your suggestions and will give you $1 off a new subscription or subscription extension if you fill out and send in this survey.

If there’s something you feel we’re overlooking or not giving you enough of in AIM Harley magazine, we want to know. For example, a recent letter asked why we don’t include the miles per gallon we get with a bike during testing. As obvious as that sounds to many, it never occurred to us, since it’s not something we concern ourselves with even when traveling across the country. After the first stop, we know about what range we get per gallon at the speed we’re traveling and just plan future gas stops accordingly. To compute how fast we’re burning through the dinosaur juice after each gas stop was never a concern. But now that a reader has requested it, we will include that bit of info in our reviews. Of course, we can’t do it on bikes we’ve already ridden, but we will do it on future tests.

On the other hand, if you’re seeing too much of something, let us know that, too. This magazine is put out by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with various experience levels and tastes in bikes. Everyone involved with the production of this magazine — the editors, art staff, and ad sales team — all ride bikes and include them as a major part of their lives. That is, with the exception of Art Director Chuck Queener, but we let it pass since he’s a die-hard car guy. We all have different opinions about what should be included, and we try to cover all the bases so everyone finds articles they want to read in AIM.

As for American Iron Motorcycle Bagger, we’re excited to resurrect Sam Whitehead’s popular Quick Hits feature from our discontinued business-to-business publication American Iron Retailer. This is a fun and provocative one-page interview with leading personalities in motorcycling. The questions were frank and funny, and they revealed the true personality of the people interviewed. It was popular with the readers, and many lamented its demise when we closed the books on AIR back in 2009. Of course, Sam has been reenlisted to do his usual outstanding job of questioning and annoying interviewees in Motorcycle Bagger. That said, be sure to send me your suggestions and requests for Motorcycle Bagger Harley magazine as well. How else will we know what you want?

See you on the road. — Chris Maida, Editor


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  1. Keith Fredrickson April 5, 2013

    Your mag. is a pleasure. I always look forward to it.