American Iron Magazine® partners with Fix My Hog® and the Know Thy Hog® Video Membership Program

Stamford, CT – May 21, 2013American Iron Magazine announces its partnership with Fix My Hog’s Know Thy Hog Video Membership. The program offers original, new-to-the-Internet, instructional maintenance and performance “How-To” videos allowing members to stream content anywhere, at any time on their computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices.

American Iron Magazine has worked with Fix My Hog to create several videos that answer common questions from American Iron readers and to expand the video topics in the Know Thy Hog online platform. The new membership program, available on Fix My Hog’s website  provides Harley enthusiasts with on demand video instruction. Fix My Hog uses Brightcove’s streaming technology to deliver video content to Know Thy Hog members. The Brightcove technology optimizes the video content for the user’s platform ensuring members receive the highest possible video experience regardless of whether the video is being watched on a computer, connected TV, smartphone, or any other mobile device.

The Know Thy Hog Membership gives members access to a variety of free instructional content as well as access to videos never before released on the Internet. The Know Thy Hog Video Membership expands the video content offerings available to include detailed maintenance and performance, in addition to original video tips and techniques. Know Thy Hog members can choose between a monthly or annual membership, both of which provide unlimited access to free content, and member-only video content on the website as well as new video content delivered to them on a monthly basis.

About American Iron Magazine
Did you know that American Iron Magazine is the best selling Harley magazine in the world, and has been for several years? Our thanks goes to all our readers and advertisers for their support. You know you can count on us to publish the best all around Harley magazine on the market every issue.

About Fix My Hog
Fix My Hog (FMH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TN Marketing, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. FMH is focused on improving Harley-Davidson riders’ wrenching skills and is a leading destination for high-quality video tips, and techniques. Fix My Hog produces Fix My Hog and Hogger How-To, instructional DVD series for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. For additional information visit


  1. Alan Hawkins says:

    I would like to know the “regular” price. It’s not mentioned in any of the material I’ve received.

  2. The DVD was sent by a marketing partner and not by us. If you read the letter it states you can keep the DVD free and just cancel future dvds.

  3. You guys mailed me a DVD that I am forced to return? What gives? Do you send me to collections if I don’t? Such a great magazine but who would want to be forced into this type of arrangement?

  4. Hi David,

    Thank you for the comment. I will make sure our team removes you from the mailing.

    Any questions please let me know.

    Wrench Safe,
    Dennis Santopietro
    Founder – Fix My Hog

  5. David Gillen says:

    Hey! I would like to let you know I do not want to get the Hogger How-To DVD Series.
    Please do not send any further DVD’s.
    Thank you!
    David Gillen