American Iron Magazine – Print Is NOT Dead

As social media and the on-line world continues to grow, a chorus of on-line promoters claim “print is dead” and give examples of how digital communications is superior to print. Like breaking news headlines – including fake news.

So why do I feel print is not dead? To quote Deep Throat in the Watergate scandal “follow the money.”

This morning’s headlines include one that mega-publisher Meredith is buying Time, inc for $2.8 billion, and the deal is being financed by the multi-billionaire Koch brothers.

Follow the money!   Meredith, which publishes Parents, Shape, and Better Homes & Gardens, is a multi-billion dollar publisher which understands the publishing market and is still willing to invest massive amounts to buy Time Inc, which publishes People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly and others.

Follow the money!   The Koch brothers, whose businesses revenues exceeded $115 billion in 2013 (and have been climbing), are no fools. If they are prepared to invest into Meredith publishing to buy Time publishing there must be something there. Right?


While there are a lot of financial pressures on print magazines – many of which are self-inflicted – there is also a strong and dedicated base for the most “in demand” print magazines.

These are the leaders in their respective fields. The ones that give real value to their readers and advertisers. The ones with credibility. The ones with real insights. The ones with authority.

As is the case pretty much everywhere today, the companies that are merely “getting by” are not going to survive for long. That applies for mail order businesses, print magazines, smartphone makers and, well, you get the idea.


American Iron Magazine is the undisputed leader for readers and advertisers. It outsells all other magazines in the category.

We produce more issues of American Iron Magazine per year (13, one every 4 weeks), with more pages per issue, more readers, and more advertisers than all other magazines in the category!

American Iron Magazine outperforms all other motorcycle magazines in the category in all measures.


We at TAM Communications agree with the leadership at Meredith and with the Koch brothers that print is not dead, and we continue to invest in our print properties – American Iron Magazine, American Iron Garage and American Iron Salute and I expect the smart marketers will too.  – Buzz Kanter, Editor-in-Chief