American Iron Magazine’s 110 Years of Harley Magazine Newsstand-Only Special

How much do you really know about the history of Harley-Davidson?

Special collector’s issue of American Glory: 110 Years of Harley-Davidson from the American Iron Magazine staff.


This 110 years of Harley collector’s magazine is NOT a rehash of the same old factory photos you have seen a dozen times already. New and old photos of old bikes, Harley history, Harley trivia contests, profiles of some of the favorite Harleys in America’s best motorcycle museums, and so much more.

This newsstand-only special issue goes on sale the end of August in all stores that sell American Iron Magazine. Or you can buy it now in digital delivery worldwide here.



  1. There are lots of companies, as you correctly pointed out. Ours is a motorcycle magazine, so I kept the discussion limited to that. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I just picked up this magazine, it’s great. Been a motorcyclist for 45 years but just bought my first Harley a couple of months ago. It truly is a whole different world from the Honda’s, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, etc.
    In his introduction, Buzz Kanter started a discussion of companies and brands that inspired lifelong customer loyalty, company logo tattoo’s, memorizing company trivia, etc. Certainly Harley Davidson fulfills the bill as was the point Buzz wanted to make but there are several other companies and products that match Harley loyalty as well; Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Winchester, and Remington and more recently Glock from the firearms industry would also fit the requirements. Let’s not forget Gibson and Fender guitars as well. C.F. Martin guitars and Steinway piano’s would mostly fit the criteria except most fans of those long lived brands (both approaching 200 year histories) wouldn’t get a tattoo. As far as product loyalty, Corvettes and Mustangs come to mind.

  3. Not a single rehashed article in this magazine. All fresh and new material that is getting rave reviews. Your choice.

  4. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    Again, 13 dollars for rehashed “history” that everyone pretty much already knows? I figured 8 bucks being as it’s “special”. NEVER paying 13 bucks for a magazine.

  5. Print copies are on sale NOW online at

  6. Steven Tyler says:

    I have been looking for it too. Your September issue says on page 22 under QUOTED & NOTED it is available right now. What’s up?

  7. I cannot find the 110th special edition either, have been to every Wal-Mart and bookstores in the area. Please help!!

  8. American Glory:100 Years of Harley-Davidson does not go on sale for another couple of weeks. Towards the end of August.

  9. frank alleyer says:

    When is the all Harley special issue coing out? Nobookstore in Green Bay has it or heard about it. Where can I get a copy? Please let e know. Thank you