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American Iron Magazine’s Indian Rides, Bike Show For 75th Sturgis Rally?

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American Iron Magazine’s Indian Rides, Bike Show For 75th Sturgis Rally?


The crew at American Iron Magazine is looking into the possibility of organizing a number of Indian-focused rides from around the country to Sturgis, SD to commemorate the 75th Sturgis Rally & Races. The event started in 1938 when local Indian Motocycle dealer Clarence “Pappy” Hoel invited his friends and customers to tour the Black Hills and race their motorcycles.

“What a great way to show respect to the founder of the Sturgis Rally,” American Iron Magazine publisher Buzz Kanter stated. “I’d love to ride an old Indian to Sturgis this year and invite others on old and new Indians to join us. Perhaps we can also have a classic motorcycle rally and bike show too.”

We are asking for your feedback on this.

  1. Would you ride an Indian (old or new) to Sturgis?
  2. Any reason we should not allow other American brands on these rides?
  3. Where do you suggest we start the rides? We would consider LA, Minneapolis (Indian HQ), Anamosa (National Motorcycle Museum) and/or other locations.
  4. Where in Sturgis would you suggest for an Indian & Classic Bike show and rally?
  5. Other suggestions or concerns?

It would be pretty cool to see dozens or hundreds of classic Indian motorcycles gather in Sturgis as they did in the 1930s and ’40s.

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