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American Iron News: Big Dog Closing Rumors


American Iron News: Big Dog Closing Rumors


The blogs and forums are buzzing today with the topic of Big Dog Closing. According to the Wichita Eagle, “The company cut 10 production workers and now has 22 employees, company president Mike Simmons said today. He said the company hasn’t made any motorcycles since last year and is now filling orders for parts and other supplies.”

Blogs and Big Dog rider forums are also getting heavy traffic on the subject. No news on their website or facebook pages at the time of this post. Most blogs are posting that the future will be a form of parts making for existing models for now.More details to follow.Read more:



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  1. Rick Lombardo April 9, 2011

    American Iron is an excellent magazine in many respects; it is interesting, informative, good looking, and slick overall. There is, however, one major caveat: the new bike reviews have shockingly little content. The text should be doubled in length at least and contain substantive material. We’d like to know in some greater detail about the brakes, the handling, the low RPM performance, the clutch engagement qualities, etc. I realize that this magazine cannot devote 10 pages to a review. Yet, some greater depth is sorely needed here. Overall, the magazine is to be very highly recommended.