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American Iron Wants To Publish Your Harley Photos

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American Iron Wants To Publish Your Harley Photos


We at American Iron Magazine and our all-tech American Iron Garage want our readers to share your bikes, photos and stories with us and in our pages.

We love to get and share your letters in our magazines, especially when you include good photos of you and your bike.

Right now, our focus is on “before” and “after” photos of your bike. We need in focus, well lit photos of the entire bike as you bought it, and then good photos of your Harley, Indian or Victory after you modified or customized it. We also would like a little info on what you did, why and how, and your name and address.

Please send the “before and after” photos to Garage@AmericanIronMag.com. And you can always send your letters to Letters@AmericanIronMag.com.


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