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TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM, by Chris Maida, Editor

Okay, I guess I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth and said in my column in Issue #305, “Personally, I think I’ve had enough surgeries for one year!” Guess not, since I had to have another one the middle of December.

As I write this, I still have to wear a sling for most of the day and when I sleep, but by the time you read this I should be back in the shop spinning wrenches. And, yes, one of the projects I’ll be working on will hopefully be the flathead bobber project I’m doing with my daughters. (I’m almost afraid to write that and jinx it again! Does it help if you throw salt over your shoulder or is that for something else?)

I know that I said I’d have the project restarted in this issue, but my arm had other plans, this time a torn bicep. The doc said no more moving large pieces of furniture, and I’m not going to argue. I was going to put it off, but if I have to be out of the shop and unable to ride, I’d rather recover from surgery during a cold Northeast winter than any other time of the year. As for the bobber project, I do hope to have the article where I teach Chelsea how to rebuild a Panhead transmission using Andrews components in one of the late spring issues.

And that brings up a topic of concern for some of our readers. I’ve been getting letters expressing confusion with the numbering system we’re now using to identify our issues. Last year, we tried to stay with months and call the new issue Summer (we’re now putting out 13 regular issues of American Iron a year). Unfortunately, that didn’t work with the magazine distribution computers. Our best option, other than going back to 12 issues a year (only kidding!), was to adopt a number system. Our first issue of 2014 was #305, which is our 305th issue. Easy, right? Well, what’s not so easy, as I’m hearing from our readers, is how they can tell what time of the year the issue came out.

Thankfully, the answer is as easy as looking at the issue number. In the top right corner of the cover, by the issue number, is an On Sale Until date. This issue, which is #308, has an On Sale Until date of 4/1/14. That means this issue is on sale from 3/4/14, which is when Issue #307 was removed from the newsstands, until Issue #309 goes on sale on 4/1/14. Theoretically, an issue of American Iron should be on the newsstands for a full four weeks, starting on a Tuesday. Of course, sometimes they sell out before that time, so don’t complain to me if they’re all gone by the time you get there.

Of course, you can avoid all that and save some cash by subscribing, which would also automatically enter you in our 25th anniversary sweepstakes.

See you on the road.


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This column originally appeared in issue #308 of American Iron Magazine.


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