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Atlas 2.0 Helmets

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Atlas 2.0 Helmets


New from Ruroc is their latest line of Atlas 2.0 helmets, their followup to the original Atlas series of helmets. The Atlas 2.0 helmets come in different designs and boast the following features:

Less wind – New stop wind
Lightweight – Carbon
Strong – DOT + ECE Approved
Wide viewing angle – Visor shape
Quick + easy buckle – magnetic strap
Ventilation control – Open/close chin vent
Visor color options
Anti-fog visor – Pinlock tech
Quick and easy visor change – Tool-less visor
Less noise – Side ear vent closed
Easy entry – EPS redesign
Safer head positioning – Chin guard modification
No visor lift at high speed – Visor locking pin
Comfortable to wear – New comfort liner and cheek pads
Emergency helmet removal – Quick release cheek pads
No water ingress – New visor seal
Fluid tactical visor opening and closing – New visor ratchet system