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Bendee Motorcycle Handlebars

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Bendee Motorcycle Handlebars


Twist these Harley handlebars any which-way you like.

Ever wanted to swap out your stock handlebars with a custom set, but couldn’t decide which style to go with? Maybe the cost has been prohibitive, or your bike’s setup won’t accommodate the bars you really want. Problem solved; use the new Bendee Barz handlebar kit from ACME Products. This revolutionary bar design will allow anyone to add a custom set of bars to his ride with minimal effort, and even more minimal financial investment. Here’s how it works: each section of Bendee Barz stainless-steel tubing shrouds a pliable, but durable, ceramic core. Using the included handlebar template and measuring guide, you simply coil the tubing in ACME’s special bar-baking tray, then heat for roughly 20 minutes at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Once heated, the tubing can then be shaped, twisted, knotted, etc., until it hardens into the desired bar configuration. From flowing beach bars to low-slung broomsticks to sky-high apes, Bendee Barz can give you any bar style you can imagine, and then some. And Bendee Barz can be reheated and reshaped continuously without compromising the integrity of the steel tubing or ceramic core, allowing you
to change handlebar styles as often as you like.

Bendee Barz are available in precut lengths of 2′, 3′, and 4′, with custom lengths by request. Two finishes are offered (chrome or custom black powdercoat), with prices starting at $29.95 per foot. And best of all, every section of Bendee Barz tubing is backed by ACME Products’ limited lifetime warranty. How’s that for a no-risk deal?

So, if you can dream up a cool handlebar design for your cycle, and know how to turn your oven up to 225 degrees, you can have the kick-a$$est set of custom bars on the block. Just remember that your friends at AIM tipped you off to this great, and affordable, way to add a touch of custom to that special two-wheeled treasure. No foolin’. AIM
–Adam Williams

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  1. Buzz February 7, 2011

    Sorry to tell you this was posted on April 1 as our annual April Fools’s product release from the staff of American Iron Magazine. No such product (or web site) exists – at least as far as we know.

  2. Andrew Ball February 7, 2011

    The address, http://www.ACMESwag.com, does not work. I am very interested in this product. Please update web address or provide relevant contact info