Custom Harley Motorcycle News: Big Bear Choppers Titanium

Ti1SAN BERNARDINO, CA, March 13, 2013 – Big Bear Choppers today introduced the TITANIUM, a completely new design for 2013 that reinvents the type of motorcycles that Big Bear Choppers offers to consumers. With improved suspension, braking, different fairings, a completely new exhaust system, and carbon fiber components, the TITANIUM takes the philosophy of an FXR style motorcycle and takes it to the next level. Big Bear Choppers working with Yoshimura will also introduce a new line of custom parts for Harley-Davidson Sportsters including new exhausts and fenders. Big Bear Choppers will have the TITANIUM and its new BBC/Yoshimura parts line at Daytona BIke Week, March 8-17, 2013.



  1. Bill Davis says:

    I love this bike. I have an 84 FXRT and this style fairing came from that bike. I have thought for a long time that I would like to purchase a later model FXR and transfer the fairing and bags and have an updated version. It is an excellent bike and the fairing offers great protection. Maybe I should just take a look at this bike and add a better seat and bags to it.