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Biker Billy’s Roadhouse Motorcycle Cookbook

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Biker Billy’s Roadhouse Motorcycle Cookbook


If you’re an intrepid road hawg like “Biker” Billy Hufnagle, you know what it’s like to log in the miles in search of some decent eats. But visiting every greasy spoon along the way may leave your stomach rumbling more than your V-twin. No worries! Our man Billy has done all the dirty work, culling a wealth of fine dining information from his journeys and compiling it into one fun, food-filled book.

Biker Billy’s Roadhouse Cookbook ($19.95) takes readers on a mouthwatering ride ’round the country, stopping off at choice locations for some great chow. In addition to a bit of history about each location, Biker Billy includes recipes for his favorite dishes. But before you write off this offer as a bunch of truck-stop fare, you best read the menu again. There’s definitely something for everyone — from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to dessert and sides. Rolling through Decatur, Illinois, and have a craving for a Coney dog? Billy’s got you covered. Blasting into Knoxville, Tennessee, and looking for a hot bowl of taco soup? Check. Maybe you’ve found yourself in East Earl, Pennsylvania, and have a hankerin’ for a slab of banana cream cheesecake. Billy’s got the place for you.

With Biker Billy’s Roadhouse Cookbook, you’ve got a detailed list of some great joints to stop wherever you find yourself and your ride. So now there’s no excuse not to get your motor running and get out on the highway. If you take Biker Billy’s culinary advice, you’ll never starve while carving up the blacktop or twisties. And best of all, with Billy’s recipes, you can recreate your favorite dishes once you’ve pulled into your driveway, dumped the dusty leathers, and relaxed in your favorite reclining chair. AIM

–Adam Williams as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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