Bling’s Cycles Flooded by Hurricane Irma, Fundraisers Established

Bill Dodge to host BC Moto Invitational

Custom builder Bill Dodge could use our help about now. His shop, Bling’s Cycles in Daytona Beach, Florida, was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, flooding Dodge’s shop and causing immeasurable damage. Bill and Buddy did their best to move equipment and bikes to high ground but they still suffered tremendous losses. Dodge is a friend to many in the industry (how many of us have been to his party during Bike Week??), so if you’d like to help out here’s more info courtesy of Paul Wideman and Bare Knuckle Choppers.

(Courtesy of Bare Knuckle Choppers Facebook)

PLEASE READ: @blingscycles suffered an INCREDIBLE amount of loss during the storm surge from Hurricane Irma. Bill and Buddy are ok, as is Denise, who luckily got out of town prior to the storm. But Bill and Buddy weathered the storm in his shop. The shop flooded with over 24″ of water. Prior to the storm Bill moved as much equipment and projects to higher ground as possible. Unfortunately, the water came up even higher, in many places chest high. They are lucky to be alive.

I have set up a gofundme account for Bill, Denise, and Buddy, if that is most convenient for you. They take about 10% of your donation, so posted below is also Bill’s PayPal.

Additionally, as Bill’s most urgent needs are relative to saving his customers bikes in his shop, I am taking up a donation of any decent hand tools you can donate from your toolbox. All of his grinders are wasted, air tools, hammers, etc. Even his bench grinders. I will have more on this shortly, but I will facilitate a truck and/or trailer making its way from STL to Bill’s shop in Daytona. If you can get ANYTHING to us, we will get it to Bill, as UPS and FedEx will most likely be down for a good while. If anyone can get a supply of engine, primary, and transmission oil, as well as filters to Bill, that would greatly help. His oil drums were upended and wasted in the storm. Thank you everyone! No donation too small! Please repost as much as you like. #billdodge #blingscycles #rebuildblingscycles #hurricaneirmarelief #weloveyoubilldodge

Paypal donations can be sent to [email protected] or