Bolt on Café Tail Section Kit for Sportsters

At American Iron Garage we applaud the do-it-yourselfer—the guy tucked away in his garage or basement or shed modifying his bike with his own two hands. There’s nothing like doing some mods to your bike to personalize it. And the fact that you did it yourself somewhat guarantees nobody else’s bike will be just like yours.

However, there’s a lot to be said for well-designed, prefitted kits, too. They offer fewer headaches, easier installation, less time off the bike, and sometimes cost less than trying to fabricate something from scratch.

Enter this Harley-Davidson Café Custom Tail section for 2010 and later XL883N, XL1200CX, XL1200N, XL1200V and XL1200X Sportster models. Everything comes in the box to convert your plain-Jane, all-too-common-looking Sporty into a solo seat-equipped customized café bike.

The kit is available unpainted or prepainted in a variety of factory Harley finishes. The first one to go on the market was the Vivid Black version, so that’s what we requested from The Motor Company. See the sidebar for a complete list of the available custom colors.

Harley likens the look of this bump-tail to Sportster-based racing and performance bikes of the ’60s and ’70s, such as the iconic 1977-78 Harley-Davidson XLCR Café Racer model. Personally, I don’t think it looks exactly like the XLCR (a favorite bike of mine), but it absolutely presents the highly popular modern café theme.

This kit quickly converts your Sporty to a single seater, so you can dump the rear passenger footpegs for a cleaner look. Just add some lower handlebars and mid- or rear-set foot controls, and you’ll immediately have a more aggressive riding posture.

This tail section is completely bolt-on; no cutting, welding, or frame modifications. Just a few hand tools were all that was needed, so put the torches away. Also, the installation is reversible, so you can easily convert your bike back to the stock look if you desire. Overall, the installation was a snap and didn’t take long at all.

A side benefit of installing this kit is the one-year limited warranty on accessory parts offered by Harley-Davidson.

How-To Guide
For step by step instructions on how to install this body kit, pick up the 2017 November/December issue of American Iron Garage at

Parts List
Harley-Davidson #59500560DH, $699.95,
unpainted $549.95,